What’s your favorite firearm company and why?


Let’s talk about firearm company’s! Who is your favorite and why?

I will start the ball rolling, Yet it is very hard to narrow down I choose SAKO. I am a riflemen at heart and there sister company is tikka. I believe that they make some very high quality, lite, accurate rifles and they don’t break the bank. Let’s hear your favorite company!


Good answer! Both Nodak and Coonan are in Minnesota. Both great company’s with a high quality product!

  1. IWI and PWS.

The Jericho 941 F9 and MK118 Mod 2-M are the best steel DA/SA hand gun and GP Rifle/AR-15 on the market hands down.

  1. Walther and AI

My vote for best polymer SF hand gun and bolt action sniper rifle would go to PPQ and AXMC respectively.

  1. IWI

X95 is the best bullpup on the market.

  1. IWI

Galil ACE 1639. Best AK pattern rifle.

  1. Benelli

The world’s best tactical shotguns.

  1. Browning

The finest hunting rifles money can buy.


I have the same recever on my fal.


I’m a SAKO fanboy also. I have a custom built .223 varmint rifle built on a SAKO action and a Tikka T3 chambered in 7mm-08. Both are VERY accurate and as high quality as anything I’ve seen. My second choice would be Sig.


The Walter wa2000 is one or my unicorn rifles! At 35,000 the last time I checked I have to say that that one will remain a dream.


Good second choice with sig. I own a sako trg and my tikka t3 lite I swapped the original stock for the tikka ctr stock. I wanted it to stay lite, but have more rounds. The 10 round magazine is straight from Sako.



I see you can appreciate a bull pup. Have you ever shot a FN PS90? It’s hard to dislike a 50 round magazine! I recommend trying one if you get the chance.


Mine is the FG42-II Type G with Swallow mount and Hensoldt ZF4 scope.



Yeah sure I can appreciate them. In fact I do like them. FS2000, X95, MDR (turned about to be a lemon like the ACR but it looks cool though). I wish FN still imported the FS2000, but with an 18" barrel though. Anything under 18" is no go for 62gr 5.56. IWI is the only one who has it right. Never fired the P90 and boy that ammo is expensive! I tend to stay away from odd and boutiqe priced rounds, including 5.7x28 but also BLK, SPC etc. 9 and 5.56 are the name of the game.


I have to put three here for different reasons.

#1 Savage. Love their rifles and consider them to be the best value for the dollar.

#2 Is a tie between S&W and Kahr for their exceptional customer service.


I reckon you’re on a tight budget?


The very first gun I fired in my life was an M1 .30 Carbine. I think I was 7 or 8 years old.


Sounds like a long time ago, were they still used by the military back then ? :laughing:


Probably Henry, Walther and S&W. I’d have to think about it some more. Good topic.


Henry! Now there’s a company I can wholeheartedly respect. I don’t own one yet maybe due to I have had 3 lever guns for many years and not one has made it to the range yet… I need to get to the range!


I’m desperate to buy one not only because I’ve wanted one since I was a kid but to support quite possibly the best firearm company on earth.


Tight budget might be an overly generous descriptive lol!


I’m really sorry about that, man.


Pre freedom group Remingtons ,Smith and Wesson wheelguns and my Kahr cw45 for edc.