What shooting sport is your favorite?


Therss so many out there and alot of folks compete in multiple types of matches but which one (s) are you favorite?
Ive tried USPSA AND 3gun, IDPA, and tried CAS once. I think CAS(if I got into it more) and IDPA are my favorite. Didnt care for USPSA too much though.

  • IDPA
  • Cowboy Action Shooting
  • Hi power/long range shooting
  • Steel Challenge
  • Trap/Skeet
  • other

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Anything that involves discharging a firearm.


Ruffed grouse hunting.


Oh! We’re talking practice?

Skeet. :wink:



Though cowboy action shooting has a particularly amazing appeal to me. :cowboy_hat_face:


That stuff is pretty cool, even if it is larping. The skill level is really high at the ones ive watched.


I hope one day to participate. I don’t care if I suck at it, I just want to do it.


I sucked at it but the people are not chest thumpers like some of the 3gun crowd. Ive only did it once but I like to go watch every now and then. I think the atmosphere is by far the most welcoming to noobs.


This makes me even more interested in doing it. I hate trying to get in to something only for the veterans of said activity / sport to be fucking douche bags to noobs.


Talk to some people and tell them your interested but not sure if you want dump the money yet, people will loan you guns to see if you like shooting. I had an RO loan me his shotgun, my buddy loaned me his spare Uberti revolvers and Marlin. Alot of reloaders too, I use to buy ammo from a dude I met there.


I do action pistol every other Wednesday night.


Bump…I also added a poll.