What SHTF looks like...


Pretty scary. It’s awful to think of people using and getting hooked on that stuff. But, in a situation without rule of law, one has to realize that they are under the drug’s control. As such, they might do almost anything. Indeed, just being without food and water can drive people to do almost anything . . . even without drug addiction. As for mental illness, laws, cost and insurance companies make it very difficult to have enough medication on hand for a real emergency. Likewise, if somebody comes to your door, it won’t be to offer therapy!


Razor/barbed wire probably illegal to use in metropolitan areas, but having it “on hand” isn’t. When police aren’t an option, it could at least slow folks down or help “channel” them into areas that can be better defended. Plus, it’s passive. Don’t want to be sliced into bloody ribbons? Then don’t trespass!


Wow! Because they don’t already have ENOUGH problems?!


I like the idea.


SHTF is one PD shot criminal away. Hey It’s the GD truth.


I have spent a lot of time thinking about what SHTF would look like. I study SHTF events across the world and across time. I’ve even been through a couple of hurricanes and lived in the third world, so I have some personal experience.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you just have to prepare for everything.


Well, as they say, prepare for nuclear war and you’ll also have pretty much prepared for everything else. I fear, though, that the hardest thing to prepare for is the slow, gradual destruction of remaining rights and freedoms by government bureaucrats and propagandists . . . along with the slow, gradual increase in ignorance, stupidity, laziness, and debt by citizens. The best advice I can give you, quite frankly, is not to have children. Then, at least, you won’t risk leaving them in a more posh version of North Korea.


That’s pretty much my philosophy. Of course the trap is people thinking, “I can never be prepared for a nuclear war, so why try?”


Speaking of wire fences:


Hopefully we get to see “if” the fence works lol

Do you think the caravan will get violent with the troops?


I’m doubtful. There’s little to be gained by confrontation, and avoidance makes the most sense to me. But, what do I know? If I had a hardware store near the border, I could make a fortune on wire cutters.


Selling to those heading south to avoid the blue blob?


I think the mob will do it’s best to instigate violence from the soldiers, I doubt the troops will fall for it. My sympathy for the abuse they will be forced to take.


Hang some Claymores in the wire :grinning:


As a retired 12B I will say that the fence being put up is for show only. Too easily breached and nowhere near standard. It should be triple standard concentina wire in the foot traffic areas backed up with tangle foot and the TSC ground stapled. Any vehicle routes need to be 11 row concentina to standard, ground stapled and ground poles included to prevent vehicular high speed breaches.

If I was the NCOIC of that charlie foxtrot going on I would be raising hell with my superiors and chewing some ass on my subordinates for such a sub-standard obstacle set up we are seeing being installed.


If it is breached they can open fire, right?


Highly doubt it. Rules of engagement are going to be very strict on this.


Open fire with breathtaking profanity, anyway.


Ukraine in 2014, looks like shtf there quite often.


8 guys ambushed .