What SHTF looks like...


None of that looked good at all for those guys.


What it looks like when SHTF for the past few hundred years…


That place looks creepy, those blue ghosts did not look too happy.


BTW, welcome back. Havnt seen you around for awhile.


Lord, sounds like Madison, Wisconsin last NIGHT, every night! We now call it Mad-raqwaukee!


Sand bags… and lots of them. While tires are great, filled with dirt… they burn. Of course, that can be good too. I read we are like 1 week away from being at each other’s throats and 3 weeks away from being cannibals. Easy to see this when the riots take place.
Having the ability to filter water is very important… more so than having a bunch of water supplies.


Yup. We currently have a scenario wherein the heroin lords and meth heads and the big pharma dealers have carte blanche to do anything they want to, right now. Body bags are cheap, fine with me. We have AG’s and DA’s who look the other way as they don’t have a choice politically. Those will be areas where MIL/LE step back and out.

This will be an interesting study as the US has more people nursed on the video games, purge, and other Hollywood w/o actual trigger or blood time. The people in the Middle East know the sounds of rounds, smell of gas, and have some sort of plans based in experience in last 50 years. I look forward to reading your book.


I think there are places in the world where what we would call SHTF is an every day way of life and many have never known anything different. Here is the US, most people who think they are hard are soft… and I would have to guess more than 80% of the population are worse than that.
The bubble will pop. It always does.
History keeps repeating itself, because most people do not bother to actually care, and they think “not in my life time”
So it will be interesting to see how it shakes out and when. I did think the Republican party could hold out for this last election, surprised they didn’t. So back to a sort of gridlock but with one side screaming in the streets they want it their way or else. Batshit crazy if you ask me. They used to talk about one world order in hushed voices… as if they spoke loudly it would give it power. Now they scream it from the roof tops and chant it on the TV and radio… meanwhile, we hardly even cover Venezuela… now there is some really good examples of what socialism looks like. And they all voted for it with open arms. That is a small glimpse of what would happen here in the US… we have a much larger population and a ever growing population dependent upon the system for every need. I keep looking at China, and yes… Russia… as to what they are up to. How are we interacting with them. Add in some pandemics, another economic crisis, the while place will erupt. Sad part, is that I think there are people and organizations that actually want that. So they can walk right in, offer a quick solution and take power. They just need the main population disarmed to do it.


I’ve been busy remodeling my house.


Have you seen “Red Sparrow”? We are curiously watching the Maria Butina case here in WI, now that the media has blacked out any follow through, and Scott Walker lost his election here. Walker took at least $ 1 Million from Butina; what were they expecting in return and now that Walker is out, who is going to arrange the follow through? Follow the money, as usual…


Yep… good movie.
Is anyone paying attention to what’s happening in Africa? West coast is a hell hole… south Africa is a hell hole… ok, most of Africa is a hell hole. (I do say most, not all)
This is why China and a few other countries like ourselves are there. Seeking the deal… seeking the precious minerals to keep everyone happy back home. Meanwhile they have 1/2 naked people digging up diamonds to supply the world with their hands.
We (the US) do not blink an eye…
All it takes is traveling the world a bit, stepping out of your comfort zone to see what is happening.
This is why Poland with not allow any refugees to come into their country. They know… they have a deep knowledge of what happens. We should be like the Poles.


There is genocide going down towards white farmers in South Africa.


Sure is… and what they will find is that if they kill all the white farmers, there will be very few blacks who know what the hell they are doing really ad they will start to starve. They already have a major issue with not enough water.


Last I heard 100-150k dead so far, I say we offer a trade. They can have our inner city people and we will take the white farmers.


And that’s the “reported” dead…
I talked to a doctor who had boots on the ground during the Ebola outbreak…
Where he was, it was reported that hundreds died.
He was there… he says it was thousands.
The crematorium that was near him could handle 500 a day. It was burning bodies 24- 7 for months…
The natives would kiss the dead during a funeral… in 10 days, they would be dead… they also think if they have sex with a virgin, it will cure them of AIDS… :roll_eyes:
I was talking to a South African a few years back, they said that 8 out of 10 women had been raped.
How can you fix that? Batshit crazy and no one cares. Not even them…


Hoodrat exchange program? I like it!


This is the same thing that happened in Zimbabwe when Mugabe allowed white farmers to be overrun and killed or forced out. They can no longer feed themselves.


Yes… very sad.
It is not a put down on the Africans, it is just what happens.
Read a story about a very smart woman over there who started leaving land to grow food. Her husband left her because she was to smart and made to much money. She has dozens of farms now and employs hundreds of people producing food.


I’ve been thinking about what the actual starting point for CWII would be. In my opinion what we are seeing with large scale vote cheating should be the starting point, but the actual average working class American is just two comfortable. Football season is well underway and all, and I need to shop for a tree. Of course they want to marginalize gun owners/preppers and survivalists first as loons and domestic terrorists. bBut the thing that is gonna actually get it going is when the “progressives” are so frar in the whole that they REALLY start wealth redistribution, federalizing pension plans and 401Ks. It is coming I think, I just hope we’re still in a position to resist.


History repeats itself…
Just like in the colosseums, they entertain the masses… they throw them free stuff… glorify “the warriors of the grid iron”
Drink beer (beer is not bad) watch TV… riot for your favorite team… and keep paying more than half of your total earning to the government in taxes.
Meanwhile… you have the government so broke they are going bankrupt. WTF?
follow the money…
I think there are several things that could spark the CWII and having the nut job left in the streets in major cities stopping traffic, threatening people… maybe a start. Someone will push the wrong person and there will be a death, or deaths… that will cause more riots… more protests. And there will finally come a time when the Patriots will have had enough.