What SHTF looks like...


Blacks ruined Africa? I’m shocked I tell you SHOCKED!!


History proves it’s impossible to overestimate what impotent sheep our fellow citizens are. Coming to YOUR town in the near future:

Gun permits/carry permits/renewals/fees, “good cause” to justify permits, mandatory approved classes, no “mental illness,” requirements that guns be unloaded/locked in car/home, no reciprocity, draconian local ordinances, bans on private gun sales, limits on number you can purchase, waiting periods, ammunition permits/limits, no online sales, ban on all semi-auto guns, ban on magazines, “banned features on firearms,” microstamping/smart guns, registration of all firearms, virtual elimination of concealed carry, bans on 80% materials, bans on parts kits, bans on advertising guns or kits, bans on body armor, bans on night vision devices, virtual ban on gun stores and shooting ranges, bans on inheritance/transfer/borrowing/gifts, bans on all ATF items, easily abused “red flag” laws, legal/economic crucifixion of personal defense, etc., etc., etc. Meanwhile, criminals prey upon you and your family with impunity.

All without uprising or even significant protest. Bureaucrats are quite capable of a bloodless revolution using the courts and media, thereby leaving the “Patriots” swinging in the wind. What has already worked in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, Hawaii, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California will be pushed into YOUR state also. It’s a fool, IMHO, who thinks he’s special/unique. The battle is being fought–and lost–right now.



Your forgot to mention Washington State…


Small nuke for Detroit really would clean the place up nice!