What tactical vests and chest rigs do you guys like?


What chest rigs or tactical vests are your favorite? Post pics and a short review if possible.

Heres my favorite, its made by Gadsden Dynamics and runs about $60. Its really nothing special and very basic, which is what I wanted. It holds 3 AR mags and two pistol mags that are held in by an elastic material, the pouches lack any flap to hold them in but it is still very secure I can actually hold it upside down and shake it fairly hard without the mags coming out. It is meant to be concealable and worn under a hoodie or coat.


I really like what S.O.E offers and the quality is superb! Micro rigs, war rig, cop rig, to name a few that I have ran with. Long wait time, but second to none in quality.