What tactical vests and chest rigs do you guys like?

What chest rigs or tactical vests are your favorite? Post pics and a short review if possible.

Heres my favorite, its made by Gadsden Dynamics and runs about $60. Its really nothing special and very basic, which is what I wanted. It holds 3 AR mags and two pistol mags that are held in by an elastic material, the pouches lack any flap to hold them in but it is still very secure I can actually hold it upside down and shake it fairly hard without the mags coming out. It is meant to be concealable and worn under a hoodie or coat.


I really like what S.O.E offers and the quality is superb! Micro rigs, war rig, cop rig, to name a few that I have ran with. Long wait time, but second to none in quality.


This is a Condor rapid assualt chest rig, do you guys know of anything like this but better quality?


Heres a pic of a chest rig from the video game Fallout 4, Are these real chest rigs or made up? They look kind of neat.

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I have a G-Code Contact Series Chest Rig with the softshell Scorpions. I put a pistol mag, med pouch, and hanger pouch on it. It’s a great rig, but a bit on the expensive side. I’ve looked a little at the Spiritus Systems Micro Chest Rig, and it seems to be a solid piece from what I can tell.


@Caw, Check out Wilde custom gear, he’ll be able to make exactly what you’re looking for, highly recommended!


Is there any chance you could post pics sometime?

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Yes there are far better rigs than that, and yes I even own that one for a loaner for when someone forgets there’s, or doesn’t have one.

Mookie War rig light, with H harness and hydration bladder. 8 magazine, map storage. Made in the USA.

The SOE micro rigs are also nice to throw on. 4 mags, med kit storage.

Or if you really want to go all out! This is a plate carrier from Warrior Assault Systems, 6 mags etc, etc.
I have many more setups but this will give you some ideas at least.


Those are neat but im looking for something almost identical t the Condor Rapid Assault chest rig with 4-6 mag pouches across the front and webbing on the front of them. I know Blackhawk made a similar CR but its long been discontinued. Im pretty much set on the set up I want but I want something higher quality. The Condor is ok ,I havnt had too much issues but I want something nicer.

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Mayflower apc
msm baofung radio pouch
Hsgi med pouch

First spear AGB
Esstac gap 2+2
Bravo concealment holster


I’m overseas for the foreseeable future, but once I get back home I’d be able to. Perks of the job I suppose.


40+ pounds of gear and… nope, sorry, nothing just like what your looking for. Sorry Brother.


Lol thats pretty cool ,man. Is that one for everyday of the week?


Heres a review on that chest rig.

They are also made in the USA



Check out mission spec, they might have something for you


Once again In old and set in my ways. When I was 17 and went into the military there was LBE.
Today I have a modified set of LBE.
Complete with my basic training butt pack. Yup the sucker is over 40 years old. The modification Ive done are I took a vintage Korean war M1 enbloc belt and cut it into 3 pieces :open_mouth:
I took my pistol belt, cut it in half, then used the back piece of the enbloc belt to make my pistol belt longer. It seemed to have shrunk over the last 40 years.
Then I took the two enbloc pouches and had them sewn to the front vertical straps of the “Y” shoulder strap. So I can carry 80 rounds in enbloc clips there. On the pistol belt from front to rear are two 30 round m16 mag pouches, two 20 round canvas pouches, compass pouch, and two canteens up against the butt pack.
Oh yeah I have a CIA helmet cover on a M1 steel pot too.


Well, good marks for Condor now. My wife ordered this for me off of Amazon just to get back into carrying a load. I would like to try my hand at a run & gun at some point.

I’m impressed with the quality… for what it is. It’s comfy, distributes weight well, and is very adjustable. The stitching seems better than their past products, and the MOLLE webbing is spaced correctly, something I heard they had issues with in the past. I figured it was worth a shot for the price. Would I take it on a deployment? No. Will I upgrade? Almost certainly at some point. Is it a good entry level option to see if you want to get into carrying a load out? YES. I will be putting it through it’s paces and update with any problems.


How’s this working for You? Had a chance to play with it yet?


@LonewolfMcQuade No not yet. I’m waiting on the rain to end so I can do some outdoor activities with it. Been shooting at the indoor range for months because of the weather.