What the...


Is this an error or fraud or something?


Hahhahahaa I want video!


Link in the OP. lol

Point is though: it’s up there with Full30’s most viewed videos, yet was uploaded today… suspicious.


Feel sorry for the officer


Magic sauce buddy


Actually, that’s from 2016, some of the comments are 2 years old.


Ah. So it is, didn’t catch that. It’s currently on Full30’s recent uploads page and it says it was uploaded today. Weird stuff. Guess error after all, unless content creators can bump videos or something.


Likely an error. I looked close and it says right on the video, 2016. Then look at comments and the first ones are from 2 years ago. Possibly someone posted the link and it took off a bit.


Hey look theres AKOU vodka , never knew that.
Must be an AK thing.


hey I watched it six times…


“Let me axe you a question.” lol