What to expect II - you will not be missed


RogueGunnWorks, Nice looking red tail catfish! did you want him to eat your Oscar or was it an accident haha.


Well… Bad Cat has eaten a lot of “tank” mates. They piss him off, down the hole of no return they go. I was not expecting him to eat that one, but, not surprised either. This was when Bad Cat was 18" long… he is now 24 to 26… hard to measure him now. Hahahha
I wish I could take trolls and throw them in the tank. That would be epic.
I could so live in Jurassic park


I had one years ago i grew him out in a 250, he was well over 3 feet long, he got spooked one morning and blew out the side panel :astonished: man was that a god-awful mess :fearful: I barbecued his ass on the Weber, they taste pretty good :+1:




I eat my oscars… had one last night actually. Bad Cat is in a 300 gallon now. :grin:
Sorry to hear about yours… glad to know they are yummy!


I can’t imagine that. It must be huge!


That sucks a lot. I hope insurance helped with the damage.


Insurance covered everything captain :+1:


Yeah. But the women in my line were expected to put up a fight as well. :wink:


Hi guys, and women. I miss a couple of days and find I missed a very good lesson. I really appreciate your community response to adult-like behavior, it’s a must have when there are more than two people at the same place. I quite agree with all the replies, “Cat” and all, and admire the thoughts from @Robocop1051.


Please recognize that I wrote this about 3 1/2 years ago, and it is not pointed at anybody that is around anymore.

if you at all feel that you relate to any of the points that I made in that short essay, but you recognize your faults and you own up to your responsibilities as a man… then this is not for you.

In fact… If you can take it on the chin and still stand with pride, then there will always be a place at my table for you to share in libations, like my brother… And if you do leave… then you… My brother… You WILL be missed.

R.I.P. MicroGunner, you dirty old bastard.

(For those that don’t know, MicroGunner was a founding 308AR.com member who passed away. Almost 4 years ago, to the day, he privately shared that his health had taken a turn for the worse. A few months later he lost his battle. I wrote the above post shortly afterwards, still grieving the loss of a friend, and realizing the amount of dead weight in my life that could be trimmed. That’s the kind of brotherhood we built.)


Thats a touching post (link) and the comment above bears reflection also,

This thread was not intended to do anything other than send those with a chip on their should off/out on their asses, not to be a sign we’re intolerant to mistakes, daily fluctuations in attitude, misinterpretations or, trespasses with apologies.

This forum is growing much like the video platform, slowly but for the long haul, is thick skin required?

I’d say so.


Hmm you missed the bit about all new members having to contribute free ammo to members. Hehehe