What to expect


Thanks for taking the time to find out what to expect.


1: Expect its like the gun range, friends here who love guns and sharing tips and tricks.

2: In the beginning you’ll be limited, only a handful of posts your first 24 hours, we have unlock levels (secret category’s) which time and participation unlock for you.

3: You are as welcomed as you are welcoming, give us crap you’ll get a nap, we will silence you for a short period if needed, bans are rare, don’t be rare.

4: FULL30 does not glorify drugs or harm to others, we can not leave ourselves open to, and will take action for things like:

anti-gunners, competitors, and other undesirables coming in and ruining our good time. Also things being posted like the footage of the Rangers being killed in africa are a huge concern as well. The backlash that SOFREP experienced from that was tremendous, and Full 30 would like to eliminate that possibility entirely.

4: If you need help, just ask.