What type of pistol do you prefer?

  • Striker fired
  • Single Action only (SAO)
  • Double Action only (DAO)
  • Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA)
  • I dont believe in guns.

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The minute someone answers they don’t believe in guns they get the boot!!!

Obviously since I’m a 1911 / Star fan SA wins for me.


For EDC, I like striker, for the range, I’ll use anything.


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I prefer a DA/SA that can be carried cocked and locked. No decocker. If that’s not available, I’m carrying my 1911.


i love my DA/SA Sigs, but I honestly think striker is the way of the future.


What makes you say that?


I carry a Kahr cw45 mostly but switch it up with a 1911 or revolver when the mood hits.


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I carry a striker EDC for concealability, but my nicest pistol to shoot is a SA/DA S&W revolver that is butter smooth and crystal crisp.


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It’s because I love my CZ-75 transitional.


As far as I know, the only tangible benefit that a DA/SA gun has over a striker is the 're-strike" ability if you get a light primer or bad seat on the round. From what I can tell, every other modification that can be done to a DA/SA gun can also be applied to a striker, ie lighter pulls, cleaner brakes, safeties. DA/SA is still viable, but I feel as were hitting the culmination of what can be done to a DA/SA gun vs the beginning of what can be done to a striker gun.

TL;DR, I think we have much more room to grow with strikers.


“I prefer a DA/SA that can be carried cocked and locked.”
Just for shooting at for matches, I much prefer a 1911.
But in the real world, it’s hard to improve upon a CZ.


Wheel guns are or can be a work of art, so I’ll always hold on to mine.
But, striker fire is my “I’ll bet my life on it daliy protection”.


DAO, for self defense guns. Doesn’t matter if revolver or semiauto. Doesn’t matter if striker or hammer, fired.

Of course, that means for some revolvers, the DA trigger pull may have to be reduced to 10 pounds, or so.

DA/SA or SAO - for hunting handguns (which for me, are all revolvers).


The ‘re-strike’ ability of a DA/SA is of limited use to me for carry. If it doesn’t fire the first time I’m racking the slide and going to the next round. I carry Striker, DA, DA/SA and SAO at various times.


I shot a Beretta 92 for 20 years and last year went to a CZ75. We have a Glock 19 we have used for years as our travel weapon.


It wouldn’t allow me to choose both Striker and SAO. I use both depending on intended use and clothing.


Bump… I didnt realize how many people are here now of days. This has to be the closest poll, so far.


I am a 1911 guy my self but if needed a sig p250 or m&p would do well