What type of pistol do you prefer?


Full size, an FNX 45. 16 45 acp in the mag. Tritium night sights. CCW: Kimber pro Carry II 1911 in 45acp
Back up; S and W M & P 9.


Can you get 16 rounds in your mags? I’ve only loaded 15 in mine?


Yeah 15 sixteen total. Even 15 breaks your thumb. Not as bad as the 7th round in a M& P 9. That is almost impossible.


@Sisco, you may want to try a Mag-lulu loading device. Not too expensive and saves all your fingers for the trigger.


I’ve got one for pistols and one for FAL mags (Rock River LAR 8).


I have two. One for Armalite B mags and one for AR15 mags. Have to get around to picking a couple up for my problem childs.


I had to vote for that… I could not help myself, like a moth to the flame. Guns bad… ban them all. (But for mine)
I do prefer a double / single action… striker fire is second


I have to admit a real close split between Revolvers and Pistols, I use pistols more but revolvers can be more accurate, more than this shooter is most days. Reason for more practice.:yum:


[quote=“Mister_Torgue, post:2, topic:4627, full:true”]
The minute someone answers they don’t believe in guns they get the boot!!! [/quote]

Hahaha, I had to :grin:


Glock 19, Glock 43 is more commonly carried though.


Hunting, big N Frame revolvers in 44 and 357 magnum. Simple and accurate. You might have heard about that bow hunting guide and client who got attacked by a grizzly in Wyoming. The guide had taken off his Glock 10mm to clean the elk and the grizzly attacked him. The client wasn’t familiar with Glocks and could not get it to fire(no cartridge in the chamber) and ended up ejecting the magazine. Whatever you carry or depend on. Know it well and train, train, train!



Quoted for truth!


Out here in Montana a gun shot means the dinner bell for a lot of bears…


What type of pistol do you prefer?

No one answered loaded :sunglasses:

@RogueGunnWorks @KeithP both now banned.





Heard that is an issue in Alaska and British Columbia as well.