What US$600 buys you on the north side of the fence


Just got it in the mail (yes the postman rings twice)

M84 Scorpion - newer version of the vz61 skorpion

Holster, mag pouch, wooden grip (original vz61 ) sling, of course cleaning rod and brush

Total of 5 mags - 1 ten round and 4 twenty round mags

And since we do not have the SBR crap it has a folding stock

Shoot 7.65 Kurz or .32 ACP


and that was delivered by mail to your house? sweet


and the only Stamp was the CanadaPost one on the box,
once the weather warms up the wife will get to shoot her new toy.
video to follow.



I love and hate you at the same time. :cowboy_hat_face:

That thing is sweet.