What was your first gun?


My first gun a Savage Stevens youth model .22lr.


I have had this gun for fourtyeight years it will go to one of my grand children.


I’m not 100% sure which I had first but it was either my Remington 870 express or a Colt series 80 1911. I sold the Cold during some lean years and regret it. It was a little loose but shot as well as I at the time and started my love of the platform. I still have the 870 though it sees little use.
First gun I ever shot was a 10/22 that I now own and one of my grandkids will own someday.


easier for me to remember my first 3 guns, as the timing of ownership is a little blurry.

They were:

Ruger Speed Six (.357 mag)
Marlin 1894 (.44 mag)
Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight (8 shot 12 gauge pump)

Unfortunately, I have sold all 3 of them - years ago.


first was a Enfield No.4 Mk1 and was used to take my first moose


A Lever BB gun, then when I was 14 I got a single shot bolt action .22.


1949 J.C. Higgins bolt action 20ga shotgun.

It’s the one on the left.


The first gun I bought for myself was a Berretta Tomcat. .380.



.380 acp - do you really mean .32 acp?


XD Mod.2 SC in .40 I bought for carry. I’ve since up graded, but I still like my original XD Service that I inherited. When I bought the Mod.2, it just didn’t have the same magic.


Nope, it was .380. Beretta 84F, I thought it was called Tomcat, might be wrong.


For me it was a browning hi power, glock 19 and a saiga (i think, been alot guns ago)


My husband informed me it was called the Cheetah.


my first own, Luger, 1941


Was it fresh off the line when you purchased it?


thanks, EQuinn.

Yeah, the Tomcat only came in .32 acp.

The model 84 is/was primarily in .380 acp.

Thanks for clearing that up.


My Maiden

Savage MKIIlr .22
Synthetic Stock
Packaged with a Bushnell 3x9x40 scope

First Ammo Highland and Winchester.
Feeding it Hp Winchester Powerpoint for Hunting small game inside 50m

Testing for LRN to shoot out to 100m for small game.
Been recommended CCI Subsonis and CCI MIni Mags

I have found the MKII will perform with anything you use accurate and consistant.

Great first package at $599Aud


My very first gun/rifle was in the early 70’s, my father gave me a .22 Remington SpeedMaster Semi Auto - Model 550. Open sights and it would hold one in the chamber plus 21 shorts or 16 longs or 14 rifle cartridges in the tubular magazine.

The rifle got passed down to my brothers right after I received my second rifle a couple years later. Once again, given to me by my father, which I still own today.

1974 Marlin 336 30 -30 22” Rifle

I put the Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition DOA 600 Reticle Riflescope, 3-9 x 40mm on it.

My first shotgun was a single shot Sears Roebuck 20 gauge given to me by my grandfather. Similar to this one.

My first pistol was a Colt 45. Very similar to the one below. I traded it many years ago.


13th birthday present. Still have it, it will go to my grandson.


shoots… .22lr - longs - shorts - and .22 bird shots :sunglasses:


My first gun, like for many of you, was a Daisy red rider.
My first firearm was a Ruger rimfire Mk 1.