What would happen IF America banned AR15's?

I’m pretty sure some of us already have some CAD files waiting for an excuse to spend money on things like upgrading a mill to CNC.



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If the rats take the POTUS Senate and House…
You’ll see a ban for sure and quite likely a huge push for forced buy back or confiscation IMO.

Boating accident? Have a report or an insurance claim? Good luck w that.
BOHICA like you have never seen before.


It’s coming at some point. Sooner or later the demoRats will take control of all 3 branches and they will come for guns. At that point we will see what America is made of, I may not be alive when it happens, but it will happen. I can only see a War that we can’t stay out of or large scale Terrorism on our soil that would stop or at least postpone it or maybe the demoRats get there way and make everything free and our economy crashes and we go back in time 100 years, then it won’t matter.


If/when they get the White House, House of Representatives, and the Senate (last time was the first two years of Obama), there will be a push, but there is still no guarantee it will succeed.

The young radicals (such as AOC) will push for it, if nothing else as a way to push against the ‘old’ democrats that aren’t on board with moving the entire party to the extreme left. Among the ‘old’ democrats there are a few diehard gun banners, but the majority remember the hit the party took in the 1994 election, as a result of the 1994 ban. If they didn’t remember the 1994 election results, then they would have pushed for gun control during Obama’s first two years, instead of ignoring it until republicans took back some control. Even among the diehard gun banners of the ‘old’ democrats, Feinstein knows that you can only go so far with a gun control bill before you have to make compromises to get votes from even some of the democrats that have to worry about the possibility of losing the next election to a republican.

That push might end up failing and dividing the democrat party even more than the current power struggle between the ‘old’ democrats and the new radicals. If it doesn’t fail, that would mean we are likely to be dealing with other problems, as it would mean the radicals have enough power to push the rest of their agenda (Green New Deal being one they are already ranting over), likely destroying the economy and moving the government closer to socialism.

As for boating accidents, the ability to make your own guns does have certain advantages.


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02:23 In the Age of AI.
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Nothing would happen, people are too chickenshit to fight the commies in power now.


So far, the court system still seems to be working. Not as well as it should be working, but it is working.

New Mexico governor tried to ban carry with an emergency order. She got some pushback from the gun control side, likely because they could see that she was handing the courts an excuse to chip away at executive powers, since it wasn’t actually an emergency (no pressure to do what was necessary to deal with the emergency, then sort out what mistakes were made at a later date). A judge issued an order against her order, she tried changing her order, and now it looks like she has backed off (unless I’ve missed some new development).

Biden went after 80% receivers and pistol braces. Those actions resulted in suits being filed and some at least partial injunctions being issued. Could be better progress, but the courts are still working to some degree.

Recent events indicate the gun control crowd is getting desperate.

Nashville’s leftist city council clamped down on any hopes of the Nashville police department releasing the manifesto of the Covenant shooter, claiming it was too dangerous for the public to see. There was some noise implying that the details of how the shooting was planned could be dangerous, but the police had already indicated that the planning was largely just searching the internet for details on what previous shooters had done (she used the Sandy Hook shooter’s method for getting into the building). That means the motive was what the city council was worried about the public seeing. Not too hard to figure out what the motive was, when you consider that the shooter was a failure at life, was transgender, the state had recently passed laws that the transgender crowd didn’t want passed (even claimed those laws would end up killing transgender kids), various opinion pieces had been published claiming that conservative Christians were trying to wipe out transgender people by pressuring the government to ban them, a few “mess with our kids and we will go after your kids” threats were made on social media, and in the first couple days after the shooting there were a few ‘trans influencers’ telling transgender people it was time to “rise up”.

Within a week or so after the shooting, the left had started shifting into damage control mode, trying to put the focus on the guns, rather than the touchy subject of just why a transgender person had decided to walk into a Christian school and try to kill as many kids as possible. A few anti-gun organizations were thrown together in Nashville, claiming they had widespread bi-partisan support (only in their dreams) and only wanted sensible gun law reforms that could have prevented the shooting, but the proposals they were pushing (oddly the same proposals from each of the groups and from a few democrats in the state legislature) would have had zero impact on preventing the Covenant shooting. They got a victory in the governor calling a special session (his wife lost two friends in the shooting), but that was as far as their victories went, with the special session devolving into a group of white women (who appeared to have no worries about their husbands keeping the bills paid) and a few showboating democrat politicians throwing tantrums when they were told they didn’t get to decide what the rules were going to be.

In the aftermath, they claimed they would get what they wanted in the next session and would be voting out the republicans that denied their demands, but the next session will be over before the next election, and their claimed widespread support is limited to Nashville and Memphis (and surprisingly it looks like they’ve been losing ground in Memphis), and just 5 other House seats (out of a total of 99 House seats in the entire state) elsewhere in the state.

The anti-gun crowd now largely appears to be some career anti-gunners still trying to look for any gaps where they can score some small victory (without handing our side too easy a victory in the courts) and a group of adult sized children throwing tantrums over being told “no”.


Less than 3% of " Colonists " fought for our independence. I’m pretty sure we can do better than that in this era… maybe.


I dunno, after seeing what we have let them do to this country in the last two years. i don’t think the people have the will to fight.


The hunting down of Jan 6th protesters was a warning to the people if you rebel against us we will hunt you down and imprison you. and they did. all part of a communistic takeover.


Ray Ebbs who they have an hour of him for two days yelling to storm the building, got a fine and walked free.
Yet Owen Shroyer is doing months for talking about jan 6 on his radio show.

To answer your question about stealing an AR from a citizen…



It takes alot to get conservatives to go on the offensive. Leave us alone, that’s just our nature. If history has a way of repeating it’s self, remember our history of revolt against England, even before the tax stamp act.It took us a while to get mad enough to take action and it only took 3% of us to achieve the objective.
That’s all i got, Brother. All this talk has got me wanting to watch Red Dawn again.


Stole my thunder.


He’s been jailed?

For exercising his 1a?


Welcome to the United Socialist states of America.