What would your Purge loadout look like?


Lets say the Purge was real ,whats guns and gear would you take? Would you leave your AO? Would you Purge or defend your home and hideout?


Well, since everyone is picking long past their prime metal bands:


If we had to leave I’d take my Star BM 9mm and an extra mag along with a backpack full of the usual survival gear and hundreds of rounds of 9mm ammo. Then carry my 9mm PCC with me. Wife would bring her PPQ 9mm. Better to share the ammo than carry two or three different kinds.

Though I’d rather stay at the compound when we get there and go down fighting.

P.S., what is AO?


Area of Operations.
First rule to surviving a gun fight - don’t get in one
Second rule to surviving a gunfight - if you break Rule 1, make sure you have a bunch of buddies with guns, too.
If the Purge was real, it would behoove people to band together to survive. A whole lot of good guys with rifles would probably be a great way to keep the neighborhood safer - think Koreatown in 1992. That was basically a Purge right there, where LE let the rioters do whatever they wanted for many hours.


I remember that. No rioters went near those stores!



I’m not werkin either — I’m “re-tired”… I’ll just hunker. Anybody who comes down this road is wife, or my neighbor. All others are “sighted”. :wink:
Not a lot of good cover in this wooden house though.


Ooh, Jameson is one of my favorites. Right behind Crown Royal.


Never tried it. I’ll have to give that a ‘shot’




Sgl -21
Normal gear load out and my family if I bugged out
Fortunately for us we have a pretty good network that has been built over the years so we’d gathered at the rally point and move out in force


Run or leave?
Not an easy thing to answer.
Hitting the road doesn’t look attractive for too many scenarios.
Roads full, food shortages, unfriendly residents along the way, vehicle failure, roaming gangs…
Stay put and defending the homestead is also fraught with risk.
Think about folks trying to survive finding themselves on the wrong side of occupied country during the Civil War.


The purge only lasts one night but everbody is on a killing spree or hiding.


Thinking back at the history of conflict between settlers and the Indian tribes, that went on for generations.
It started on the east coast and followed the migrations all the way across the country.
A resolution of a new conflict may not be a quickie.