"What you need is a gramme of soma."

I just saw that Aldous Huxley’s birthday is tomorrow. His A Brave New World often takes a backseat to 1984, and rightly so if only because Orwell’s book is a much better read. Still, Huxley deserves to be upheld as an oracle just as much as Orwell. With “soma” he predicted psychotropic pills long before they existed.

You’ll probably never see very much news about pills like Prozac and Lexapro. Pharmaceutical companies buy a lot of TV ads. But after rereading Molly’s article Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings, I wish we’d look deeper into them. I want to know if some pills can lead to violence, or if a correlation exists betweeb mass shooters and antidepressant abuse because they are part and parcel of a world going mad.


chemical lobotomy


When I got my son a little less than 6 months ago he was on 4 medications when he arrived.

Venlafaxine and Buspirone were the two I really got pissed about.

Supposedly he NEEDED a mood stabilizer, he NEEDED an anxiety and sleeping med, he NEEDED a depression med…They had him all drugged up …funny part is I took him off each med one at a time over the course of 2 months and he is doing much better, its been 3 months and he has improved drastically, the only pill he gets is an occasional Benadryl for allergies or to help him sleep. Those pills turned him into an over emotional mush-head that wanted pills to cure everything…They are poison, period.

He even tells me he feels better now, considering his mom was under investigation from the state they now have to check up on him and so far decided not to fuck with me but they acted surprised that i took him off those meds and he was doing better.


What a surprise, huh?

There is a connection with mood altering drugs and violence, yes. There are warnings on many of them for that very thing. But, Shhhhh, don’t talk about that.


Isn’t that what got John Noveske killed?


i worked for a year as a c.n.a in a old folks home to help my medical skills. libido crushing job seeing what time and gravity does to old ladys, much less showering them. any way one of the things i picked up on and did with my mom and girl fiend is what you described. a medication holiday. you take a med off the list and see if symptoms re appear. for mom we went from 28 to 25 but the ghoulfeind was 22 to 6. take a drug for a symptom that gives you more symptoms, that you take more drugs for. thanks big pharma.


My sons issues is with poor parenting on his mom’s behalf. Now that she is out of the picture I am cleaning up the mistakes, typical liberal. Im just glad he is with me now even if it is a chore to straighten out the lazy liberal habits she taught him.

They used medicine as a band-aid, and the quacks went with it. I’ve made it clear that the pills will go down the shrinks throat before my son gets on them again.


you truly have to be your own best advocate. well done sir.


That’s a heartwarming story. I hope one day your boy appreciates how many people have been effectively zombified by pills and how his old pa saved him.


Eep. Well, I hope someone braver than me finds some answers.