What your rifle caliber says about you


… I wish I had a 500NE…


And one more for good measure!


uhg uh, still upset about the first one :non-potable_water:


.22-250 is quieter and less recoil than the .223 Rem? I think he hasn’t fired a .22-250. ;-). Not much recoil with either, but the .22-250 is ear-splitting and quite a bit faster with the same bullets.


Yeah I really didn’t know where he was going with that one.


It’s all in good fun!


So according to that video, I guess I’m an ordinary, paranoid, trench-coated hooligan, who also needs to grow up and decide on a rifle caliber for my pistol caliber AR…
5.56 + 300 + 7.62x39 + 9mm
Gosh am I conflicted :neutral_face:


Me too Brother!


I, apparently, am Eric from Iraqveteran8888…?


I never did myspace!


Only one I do not own is the 22-250
Must mean I am the LAND PIRATE CAPTAIN!!!


YAR!!! :skull_and_crossbones: