Whatever The Stone Gives Me… Knife Raffle

Flint Knapp knife raffle

Hey everyone, we’re doing a raffle for a flint Knapp knife made by our friend @magwa . The proceeds all will go to three burn victims of a recent work incident in the oil field.

A rig caught fire and these guys got burnt up real good. They need some help because workmen’s comp is only covering half of their pay. These knives made by @magwa are beautiful pieces. He says the more we donate from this site the better the knife will be. I will start with a $200 donation I will post below and I won’t put my name in the raffle. I just want to help up the quality of the knife and help out some friends at the same time.

I will do a random name pick on January 1st 2020

The rules are as follows:

  • A donation to each go fund me account earns you a slot in the raffle up to three slots. (Donate once to all 3 you get three slots) max of 3 slots
  • No dollar amount, any donation works
  • Must be a member of full30
  • Email me your receipt of the donation with your full30 screen name attached to joseph.packer02@yahoo.com
  • We will draw on Jan 1st


The name of this benefit comes from @Magwa 's description of how the knives are formed

Knife examples and quote from Magwa

Ok guys some clarification , stone knives are pretty much a product of modern man, native peoples were not in the habit of making knives with handles, they just used a blade as it was or used sharp flakes off of a blade core so these knives I make are pretty much just modern art except the blades are made by flint knapping which was the way they made them for eons, I have been flint knapping for 25 + years I make very few knives mostly I make points of certain types…I do not have a web site and do not advertise my work is known all over the country by those people interested in modern flint knapping. There are no secrets to it, it is years of hard work and practice to learn how to flint knap . it is all about how much stone you pass over your leg =tonage… so lets keep this simple I will make a knife for the winner of a auction or raffle whatever, the knife will reflect the amount of money spent on the cause if it is a low number it will be a simple knife if it is 500 or above it will be more elaborate.

I have 100% control over what type of stone etc…handle material etc, there is no stone or bone exactly like another they are all different I also need time to do this as this is a outdoor activity you never break stone inside unless you want to get black lung from the silica dust so I am a slave to the weather I work when I can… but I always try to be done in a reasonable amount of time…


Tell your people…That since we were promised we should never be removed,We have moved five times
A chief 1876


Anyone who has donated to Leonard already email me your receipt as well. I will confirm everyone’s entry by message on full30 just so you know your email with your receipt was received and counted.


There’s my promised donation


I can personally attest to @Magwa’s skill in this area. I have a couple of his points from a prior benefit auction he donated his work to. I liked it so well that I have another one in process from another benefit auction recently completed. He is very kind to donate his skill and craftsmanship for those in need. It will be a treasure to whoever gets it.
When I get my other donation squared away, I will add to this one as well.


I’m not going to lie. I knew that arrow heads were made this way but I didn’t know knives were. And on top of that, they are sexy as hell. I don’t know a single person who has a knife like that. They’re absolutely beautiful. And @Magwa is the shit for his donations not only to this but to others. I hope life treats him as good as he does other people.


Just over a week away from the drawing.


I’ll post a vid soon


I’m looking for a trifecta of @Magwa points. I did what I could this time.
I know it is Christmas and that bills and presents for family are putting a hole in the bank account. These men are not able to be at home with their families much less go out to buy presents for them. Even $5 will get you in the drawing.


Thanks @ArmedEyeDoc and your name will be added 3 times


So far the group has a collective of $340


I thought we were better than this. Come guys let’s make this draw worth it. This is an awesome knife and it’s a good cause! The odds are good right now


3 days left


Instead of buying that after Christmas special, donate a few bucks to these men. If you are lucky enough to win, you will be glad that you helped out your fellow men.


Believe the drawing is tomorrow?

Just a few hours left, but lots of tickets available…


First I want to thank everyone including those who sent prayers. And also a special thanks to @Magwa for offering his expertise to help.

The winner is @RedAngel , I will set up a message between @RedAngel and @Magwa so they can figure out all the details.

Again, thanks everyone for the donations including a few who did donate but opted out of the drawing and also thanks for the prayers.


Super fantastic way to start the new year, congratulations @RedAngel :partying_face: :partying_face:


Here is the link to the random drawing too so everyone can see where it came from and who won the drawing.


This is awesome!!!

And on my virtual birthday too.

Thank you @Joe and @Magwa


Awesome! @RedAngel You will be amazed when you get your winnings.


@Joe how are these guys doing with their recovery?