Whats better H&K DRB or AR Hot Air?

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What exactly is a DRB?


Delayed Roller Bolt


so, you asking AR10 vs G3 or?


or are you comparing the G28 to the G3
which in this case the G28 wins hands down - just by the simple modularity

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We are talking HK-91 7.62 or HK-43 5.56 as they are pretty much the same operating system wise.
My experience is with the HK-91A4 that I own, so I can only personally speak experience of this model.
The full auto version of the HK-91 the G3 I have never fired or held for that matter.
I have fired both the M-16A1 and the AR-15 semi version.
But I think we should stick with the Semi Versions as that is what most of us own.
And I do not consider the HK-91 or G3 an assault rifle in any way.
These are Battle Rifles.



and a MSG90 A2

both 308 - both staggered box magazine fed, both two position (safe/fire) and both a DMR - one roller lock the other AR type action.

both available to the commercial market (just maybe not to the US market), again if I was given the choice I would go with the G28 - modularity and accessories

Now if you are referring to an actual 1970s AR10 versus a G3/HK91 - hands down the HK - just something about the reciprocating charging handle poking me in the nose every time a AR10 fired.
I owned a G3A3 with a couple different fire control groups and a friend had a AR10 - but if you really gave me a choice it would have been the FN FAL.


May want to watch this:


I shouldn’t even comment on this one.lol


I carried / used a FN C1A1 for pretty much all of my military service, in pretty well every climate from jungle swamp to Arctic tundra - we would just take the body cover off if it got too muddy.
The video wasn’t quite fair since he neglected to glop the charging handle path of the C308. Clearing a rupture casing from the G3 was a major chore (which wasn’t supposed to happen because of the flutes) as compared to the FN (if by chance the RCE tool wasn’t in your cleaning kit the pointy end of bayonet or the combo tool worked ). Our FN’s also were able to charge the magazine using stripper clips, but if you managed to break off the rear stock it just became a pointy stick once you fixed bayonets. I have seen bundewehr G3 quit working when it was cold (-45f ) but than again my rear sight sheared off while firing during that same weather event. I did like the collapsing stock of the G3 but that was more for vehicle operations but it wasn’t nearly as accurate (G3 with a 17.55" barrel versus the 20" FN)
I owned a G3 and fired Armalite AR-10 (real Armalite /FAC, thought the charging handle in the carrying handle was neat) and still preferred the FN.


The right arm of the free world has seen mud in places a lot rougher than a wheel barrow.


Ok, I can’t stand it anymore, I wouldn’t trade one of my hot air machines for two of them cheek bumpin stamped foil receivers, charger handle breaking overly complicated bolt H&K’s…there I said it.


Tell us how you feel inside.
Really we know you need to release that pent up feeling of inadequacy you have been feeling for so long.



Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Mud Tests In-Range (Ian McCollum Karl Kasarda) do; it is a legitimate test between rifles.
The FAL Failed miserably.
Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda are recognized firearm experts in the field with little or no equals.
Ian is not a big fan of HK but as of late seems to be swinging the other way.
The mud test has been done on many a rifle and the HK did very well as shown.

When I was looking for a rifle of this type in the late 80’s it came down to HK-91 or the FAL myself.
I chose HK because the engineering and ruggedness of the rifle.
It is heavier but that is a trade-off I was willing to make.
I also have the A4 with polygon rifling and I added the HK Heavy Bipod to it as well.
A Stamped Steel tin foil receiver it is not.
Stamped yes, Tin Foil far from it.

As for accuracy.
When I hand-loaded and found the sweet spot for my rifle I could consistently put 5 round groups with one minute of error at 100 yards all day long.
I would load Hornady BTHP’s and use a Bausch and Lomb 3X9X60 scope with it.
I have shot an unknown amount of rounds without a single failure or a part failure either.
The temps I have seen range from 15 to 100 degrees F.
The bolt handle is the biggest bitch I have but that can be replaced with a extended aftermarket version if I wished.
Cheek bumpin I really don’t know what you mean by that.

It is a machine however and has a violent recoil because the operating bolt is very large in comparison to most rifles.
Kills in front and mames on the right.

I hate to break it to you folks but if is what not for H&K the modularity you see in modern rifles would not exist.

HK was the first with the modularity idea and the Pickatinny rail systems as well.
The HK XM-29 from the OICW program was the first.
Although it was a failure.
If it wasn’t for the gun nobody wanted; then all the AR and AK attachments you have today may never have existed.


Honestly I would choose the AR-15, but I also doubt exactly you mean by better. This thread does remind me I really need to put my G3 kit together… yeah I need to finish that.


BS, theres plenty of equally qualified folks with different opinions. Also, this was also a test of how many firearms?

Why dont you look up Larry Vickers opinion of the FAL as a combat rifle? He only served 20+ years in one of the most elite military units in the world. Opinions and shit…but the FAL has a great record


FAL is great firearm as well.
Not contesting that even a little.
Wish I had one as well.
But I wouldn’t trade my HK for it.


The choice of gun is the least of it.


Honestly i prefer the ptr91s ive shot to the FAL. It seemed more accurate to me and I like the looks a little better in stock form…outside of maybe the Israeli FALs those are pure eye candy, imo.


I shoot both RRA LAR 8 and HK SR9 T. Both have 20” barrels and shoot 7.62 nato. The HK shoots vertical groups, velocity variation. You can minimize this by down loading but still shoots vertical. Also the HK is very hard on brass. So the Ar10 will out shoot the HK with handloads. There’s is just something cool about the HK.