What's coming up


What’s coming up for the channel?

Next weekend I’ll be comparing my well worn WW2 vintage M1911A1 to one that’s had only a couple hundred rounds shot through it. I actually tried to shoot this video last weekend but there was wind noise, some of the footage ended up out of focus, and various other problems so I’m just going to reshoot the majority of the footage.

I finally found a good location on the farm to put a truck to shoot up. It was a challenge to find a spot that gave me enough room to shoot at a distance (for when the explosives come out), had a good backstop, and wasn’t some place that the cattle would constantly be in the way. I’ll be moving the shooter truck I have to the new location over the weekend and hopefully starting shooting videos with it shortly.


Looking forward to it.


The weather didn’t cooperate so hopefully I’ll get to shoot videos next weekend. I also picked up an extra chronograph to do some experiments on how penetrating different objects effects bullet velocity.