Whats in your spare parts bin?



What do you guys keep around for spare parts and for what guns? I started stocking up spare parts when all the gun ban crap got momentum. I keep a spare BCG, bolt, and complete lpk for each AR and im thinking of adding a buffer kit and more gas rings next. Hate to admit it but ive never stocked up on spare pistol or .22 lr rifle
parts but im going to after I decide what handgun to buy next. What parts do you keep around to keep your most used firearms running? If there was another ban coming up that could last at least 5+ years what parts would you stock up on?


I figure spare parts are a must with gun grabbers pushing so hard. What parts do you stock up on for pistols? Like glocks, hk vp9s etc


AR: complete bolt carrier group, BCM extractor spring kits, LPK, triggers-hammers-springs, buffer spring and buffers in carbine-H-H2 weights, barrels, lowers.

AK: recoil spring, trigger-hammer-spring, barrel, extractor and extractor springs.

Glock, CZ: recoil springs, main springs, magazine springs.

There is a lot more to the parts I keep on hand, but to keep it short here is a good list for most.


@jf89, fantastic subject matter! I stock trigger kits ,springs, Optics, sights and multiple batteries for all battery powered Optics.


I have no idea, does that mean I have too much?


Well spare guns count as parts kits, I guess.


@jf89, absolutely that counts !


Does having various guns in various percentages of put togetherness count as spare parts? By that I mean a firing pin counts as a gun in a percentage of put togetherness.


If you shoot mil surps you’ll have every part and piece possible because eventually you’ll need to restore a bubba special. I had a TON of Enfield parts up until recently when they were traded for a pistol.

Non-mil surps- I keep buffer springs, firing pins, spring kits, LPK’s, accessories, etc. I keep enough parts on hand to at least build another rifle minus the receiver (have plenty of those too). Keep the little things handy like spring detents if you’re clumsy on some days like me.


Most firearms we have been here a long time. Always grabbed the wear parts and spare whatever when possible. If it breaks- I buy 2.
That resulted in drawers full of stuff for repairs and upgrades


Murphy sez the part you need will not be the any of the ones you have.
Most of you guys probably have enough guns just to toss the one that stopped working and get another.