What's on your reading list?


As it’s been said before, the mind is the sharpest weapon. So, what are you doing to stretch yours? I don’t read much, but when I do, I have a habit of getting sucked into a book and not putting it down until it’s done (I finished Metro 2035 in about 4 days). Right now I’m reading “On Killing”, by Dave Grossman, but this one has taken me longer, as it’s quite dry. Interesting, but a little slower than some other books. After that, I plan on reading “Blackwater” by Jeremy Scahill, and eventually Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”. What’s everybody else working through right now? What’s next?


I’m reading about Soviet tactics in Afghanistan. After that I’ll read about the same operations but from the viewpoint of the Mujahadeen. Very interesting series and a lot of great lessons in fighting an enemy with superior tech and numbers.



Good one.


I have been reading this series for since he wrote book 1. Currently, I am on Book 9.



Don’t have it yet, been in my amazon list for most the year,
just ordered it and it will be from my Daughter for Christmas
sometimes these type of books are good, sometimes not


How we perceive our enemy will largely determine how we fight against him. Unless we grasp how the devil fits into God’s scheme of things, we will find it difficult to stand against his conspiracy against us personally and his influence within our culture. We can have a proper theology of the devil only if we have a proper theology of God. Only when we stand in awe of God will we find it unnecessary to be in awe of Satan. As Martin Luther once said, ‘The devil is God’s devil.’ God is still in control.



This book is a primer on armed resistance to tyranny. It is intended to answer questions the reader might not think of asking, and to direct the reader to sources of more detailed information. Topics covered include justifying revolt, conditions for success, possible government responses, strategy & tactics, the overt and covert organizations, weapons, equipment, survival skills, land navigation, camouflage, boobytraps, weapons caching, training, secure camps, safe houses, communications, encryption & codes, gaining public support, sniping, sabotage, raids, intelligence and counter-intelligence. It is intended for scholarly information purposes only.




I used to read a lot… Steven Hawking, Ernest Thompson Seton, David Gemmell
It was quite a list… but now I read only what is here, Instagram, facebooger (I follow Michael Yon and others)
The reason being is that I have taken up writing myself. I am refining my 3rd book at the moment, but have 6 planned. 4 and 5 have been started.
I had these books / stories in my head for decades and decided one day to write them. I am not published. I do not know how to even go about it.
Extremely violent, sexual, fantasy… in modern times. Hahhahhaa
I was told when I was in middle school that I should never bother to write because what I wanted to write about was to dark… and, I have dyslexia. So… I suppressed it.
Thank goodness for computers and spell check! Hahhahahhaaa








I would like to read what you have written . If only to get an understanding of how a disturbed individual thinks .:grin:


Not sure if this counts as a a list, these come in monthly.


Oh, I have actually toned it down some… I wrote batshit crazy at first. My ex who was into hard core graphic zombie /werewolf / vampire sex novels thought it was too much…


Thanks for the target. LMAO

That mug belongs next to Hanoi jane’s one in the Legion urinal




Someone should do bullet penetration testing on the book, at least than they would have served a purpose
Hint hint TR or M_T or SP or LWM or…


The Reluctant Partisan vol. 1& 2 by John Mosby of Mountain Guerrilla.

Literally coined the Ranger handbook for armed citizens.