What's the fastest car for daily driving you've owned?

Not race cars, but what you drove to work, the grocery store, your everyday driver?
I remember two for sure.
One was my father’s C1 corvette with a Buick Roadmaster engine.
On a back country road I clocked on the speedometer at 130 mph before running out of nerve.
It was still going.
Another was a plain jane Chevy Biscane with the innards from a drag racing C1 a friend of my DAD’s rolled down the track.
So he removed everything go-fast from the Corvette and transferred it all to the Chevy.
I used it for a daily transport and tow car for my road racers.
It was actually much faster than my race car.
It was hilarious when I was drafted to deliver stuff to the corner works at a road race.
Even with stopping at each corner worker stand, it managed to nearly match the lap time of the car I was racing that day.
Anyone else with a similar story?


Had a 2000 olds intrigue that we had to 140 but after it went in for maintenance the computer got reset and would only do 105 before shutting down.


My 97 Bonneville. The engine was far from stock, and I removed the upper limit on the speed.


1979 Mazda 626 Rally sport edition, 140 mph and it had a thousand rpm left before the red line on the gauge. Regularly drove it 100 to work and back for several years, put 70,000 miles on it driving like that. 5 speed, aluminium engine, 15 inch wheels(big for the day), sway bars almost as thick as my wrist. Bought it used in 1990 and didn’t really know how rare a car I had till I beat it to the point of needing parts. Had to junk it due to not being able to find a water pump for it. Never have found any info on the car like how many were made or imported.


Volkswagen Sport Turbo Jetta Wagon. Same engine as the Audi TT.

I chickened out at 145 mph. That’s as high as the tires were rated.

The local highways - less so.

Only tried once; just to see.

Not so fast off the line but once you got to 2,000 rpm the blower kicked in and . . . whee!


My current: A 2014 Mercedes-Benz C250 Coupe. Nothing crazy, just a little 205hp turbocharged 4-banger, but it beats my previous 2005 Jetta TDI. I’ve only brought it up to 90 on back roads; I’m not willing to get arrested in an obvious bright red sports car while I’m on leave :joy::joy::joy:


I never really had fast cars, just big trucks. But my “fastest” would have been my '73 Plymouth Duster, 318 w/ 340 heads, headers, small hi-rise intake, Holley 4-barrel. Top end was right around the 100 mph mark, but it would get there in about two city blocks lol.

My fastest vehicle was a Suzuki GSL-1100. I had it up to 160…once. My eyelids, ears and cheeks were shaking in the wind, I was 19. Now I know better lol.


Tough to choose just one out of my past, but I’d say my fasted factory daily driver would’ve been my

2013 Mustang 5.0 Silver Bullet

There are two must have modest upgrades that I’d highly recommend to anyone that has one to make that car truly come alive from factory setup and make it more fun for your daily drive;

  1. a stainless steel 'Roush Racing Exhaust System’
  2. and a 'Barton Short Throw Shifter

This video below was taken right after I completed both installs.

Mind you, I had a limited amount of road to deal with at the time in this particular example :laughing:

It was a fun car :+1:


It sounds healthy :wink:


Does it have to be a car? Because I road sport bikes for years… 192 mph + on my ZX10R


My C5 Corvette. 2004. Stock. Still fast.


In 1981 I had a Suzuki GS650EX. Four cylinder, Yoshimura headers/exhaust, new Mukuni jets, cafe fairing, little 14" wide straight handlebar. Light but zippy! I was also young and immortal . . . and half knutz.

I sold it after I dumped it on gravel. Loved it, but just a matter of time until I killed myself. Just too fun to go fast. The Speedo only went to 80mph, but I red-lined it another 3,500 rpm over that just to see. I had a Sampson full-face helmet and it started to act like it was possessed and wanted to spin around. That’s good enough!


My daily driver (most of the time) is a 2010 Challenger R/T with 6-speed manual transmission. I’ve only had it to about 120 even thought it should have another 20 mph. As has been said, I have no desire to go to jail due to speeding in a red sports car.

Here it is just after I got it.


Fastest commuter vehicle was a 05 Kawasaki Concours
Topped out by a wall of wind at 140. big fairing = good weather protection.
40-45 mpg - smoked almost every 4 wheeler.

Best plus? EZ pass didn’t pick up the Tupperware covered M/c.
6 yrs no tolls. :sunglasses:


Nice cars here…

I try to not go too far past the speed limit. The one I am driving now is definitely the one I enjoy the most out of everything I have owned.

Jeep GC 5.7 Hemi.


I had a '72 Jeep CJ5 that we swapped a Corvette LT1 350 into, just because. Totally scared the shit out of me above 60mph, which it got to very, very easily… but offroad, daaaaamn it was fun. There was not a hill I couldn’t climb or a mud hole I couldn’t cross. Somewhere I have pics of it parks on a glacier.

But for top end, we had a 2006 VW diesel v-10 Touareg. Not super fast off the line, but what a cruiser… had a speed alarm that would DING at 100, and suprising how easy and often I heard it :rofl:


Almost forgot one of the neatest cars I had.
Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale.

A gorgeous car with serious performance for the time.
Only 130 hp, but that wind cheating body allowed it to hit 130 mph on the speedometer.
Very cool.
I found it advertised in a car magazine and like a shot went to where the car was and bought it.
It was that rare of a car.
When I arrived back home, there was another one in my dad’s driveway.
I traveled over 500 miles for mine and dad found his advertised right there in our home town.
Never fails.
So for a while we had two very rare Alfas.
Very cool.
Wish I still had them.


The V10 Touareg is a car you buy if you want to pull a house off of it’s foundations :joy:


my 1990 VW passat GT was pushing past 280 kmph (more than 170mph) but ran out of road so had to slow down.Later on was my hotrodded Mercedes 1983 190e 2.3 was an AMG crate engine.


Or pass someone with extreme ease in the triple digit speed range. That thing didn’t start really stretching its legs until 90 or better. Sadly, not many roads here in Alaska worthy. Sold it as it’s not a single, fixed retirement income kinda car