What's the last handgun you had that you couldn't wait to get rid of?


May I suggest the Jericho 941 F9? Get Meprolight Tru-Dot sights, a Hogue finger grooved grip, Mec-Gar CZ75B 19-round mags and a Surefire X300-A Ultra. Blade-Tech can mold you a holster w/ Tek-Lok for that setup.


Ok, I’m going to go a little overboard and add more than just the last one:

Polish P-64 “Makarov” nasty little hand mangling machine. Never could shoot that without bleeding.
SIG P250, tried two different ones. As unreliable as you can get. FTF’s FTE’s, Lousy customer service etc.
ISSC M22, pure crap. Unreliable with any ammo and I was done after the slide came off and shot down range.
FN FNP9, trigger group broke and even after I had it repaired I just couldn’t trust it.
There are others, but I’ll leave it at that for the moment.


Mine was a PT145. The pins holding the chassis to the frame would constantly walk out. Ended up doing a partial trade for a RIA 1911 and glad I did.


I tried their recommended loading method as well as a variation of my own of it with no success. I still have a mag left, wanna buy it? Haha.


I have plenty…haha


Cobra derringer, trigger pull must be like 55 lbs (only slight exaggeration). My better half tries to get me to sell it at a pawn shop.


Something related to HONDA 90 perhaps​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


So my last(only and also my first ever)gun,piece of crap 22derringer make? Unknown?
Only markings serial# no maker mark probably to embarrased…over under ,completely unpredictable where bullets might fly??? A gun most inaccurate!


Good for prostitutes though.


Thats funny sold it to ex girl who i felt was begining to border on that!
Slept with my :kissing:best friend?


Lol well she selected the right tool for the job.


Vya like, perfect pair!:raising_hand_woman:


One of the original DAO Ruger LC9 pistols. Solid and reliable gun, but that trigger pull, soooooo long and gritty does not begin to describe it. The updated striker fired LC9s is a much better gu, too bad for Ruger that I replaced it with a Kahr CW9. :wink:


Bersa bp9c
Fells great in the hands but won’t exteact and didn’t want to feed
Normally being a smith I just fix that stuff but I sent this one back to them and they had the worst fucking customer service said they fixed the pistol and it came back exactly as I sent it
What a joke I fixed it my self and sold it on consignment at the shop


SCCY CPX-2. Mine fell apart within 1000 rounds. What sucks is that I daily carried it for three years and when it started having problems I contacted SCCY. It took a new slide, barrel And guiderod to allow it to run through a magazine with no hiccups.


Almost bought that SCCY for my wife. Glad I didn’t after researching it and shooting it.


I’ve never bought one that I had to get rid of as soon as I did. My wife on the other hand did. She had to have a Ruger LCP. She has beginning stage carpal tunnel and I told her it would be very snappy. She fired it one time, emptying one mag, and said she was selling it. She sold it to a friend who paid her what she paid for it. She now has a S&W 642 and likes it.


Taurus Spectrum. I bought one at a gun show this past January, as I had been looking for some time to get my hands on one. The first time I took it to the range, I was having light primer strikes - not just one or two, but several. On at least three different kinds of ammo.

After taking it apart and cleaning out the firing pin channel, etc., I decided to test it with the old-fashioned lead pencil test - put the pencil in the barrel eraser-first, tip the barrel up slightly, and pull the trigger. The Spectrum could barely shoot the pencil a couple of feet. For comparison, I tried this on two other .380ACP pistols that I owned at the time (Taurus TCP and Bersa Thunder 380). Both of those could shoot the pencil several feet,

I started doing some research, and it turns out I was not alone. On the Taurus forums, I started seeing message after message from people with the same issue. Many of them had sent their guns to Taurus for repair, only to wait several weeks for a fix - and a good portion of them reported that the “fixed” Spectrums still had the same issue.

Needless to say, I could never trust the Spectrum as an EDC, and it was gone soon after (to be replaced with a Glock 42, which is now my EDC).


Glock 23. I tried for a long time to train with it and make it work but in the end I simply didn’t have the wrist strength the be consistently accurate with a compact polymer 40 cal.


I didn’t purchase one but I was curious about the spectrum as well and was able to rent one. I didn’t have any light strikes with the one that I used but I wasn’t a fan of it at all. To me it was too light and too small. I had trouble with it wanting to come out of hand even though it was just a .380. There is nothing to absorb the recoil force except my hand which could barely fit on the frame and I even have small hands so that isn’t normally an issue for me. Also it just felt cheap to me. I’m honestly not a big Taurus bash person I have a few Taurus’s that I really like (I have a couple of snub .357’s and .44 mag and a Taurus PT111 G2). That being said the spectrum is not a weapon I would recommend honestly. There are in my opinion a lot better choices especially for the same or slightly more money.