What's Your BUILD

Savage MKII 22Lr F
21" barrel
10rnd Magazine
3x9x40 Scope
Synthetic Stock

Purpose: Small varment

Pic Rail for Torch on Front Sling Screw
Red dot or Holographic sight
(Custom camo paint already done)

Simple mod for 1st rifle.
Next is my 17HMR Lever


I’m building a side charging Ar soon. Relatively speaking.


Would love to own an AR, but very restricted over here in Australia.

A bolt action by Warwick Firearms is the closes, attempting to replicate the AR look at $3K :astonished:

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I’ve not really heard of warwick. Im gonna have to look.

Only 2 calibers
223 and 300 blackout

Are you able to have 5.56 or is it banned?

Sorry still learning sizes.
Is that between 223 n 308?

I’m finding it hard to keep up with the 2 units of mesurments to one cartridge😲

Caliber is pretty easy to acquire up to 338 in lever or bolt action.

5.56 Nato is a higher pressure .223 rem. It’s the standard of the armed forces in NATO countries and I think the Comonwelths as well.

:+1: to my knowledge ok to have here.

The Tactical chassis is very popular here.
I’m upgrading to a MDT chassis system for my 783 long gun build.

Wanting a T3 hunter walnut in 223 for hunting n maybe a 30-30 Lever🤗

Soooo addictive this Hobby :astonished:

Is it just flat out no semis or is it no semis with a detachable mag?

Ruger 10/22 custom


SKS Yugo


Just semi’s

Nice pull action, Model and make? What are you feeding?

My savage like the Velocitors, yet to try the mini mags.

Sorry , Still getting the hang of this site .

the comment was for another member on the thread.

What are you running with?

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Sorry man. I was gonna suggest an SKS but the whole no semi thing derailed that. Do you hunt?

Nice pull aciton, Model and Make?

are those mini mags?

I feeding Velocitors in my Savage 22. yet to try the mini mags.

It seems Standards, Velocitors and mini mags are the go to.

Nice build. I’m looking at an sks to do a bullpup conversion.

rifle 10/22 - takedown
scope: Leupold
stock: Hogue
bolt: JWH + NDZ performance
trigger, barrel : Valquartsen
I prefer to use high velocity cartridges

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I had a fun with this project. Have a video about it… will post when allow


Can’t wait to see it man.

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