What's Your BUILD

Thats Kool!

I am wanting to do a Bolt Lift with my .22 Savage MKII.

I found a draw knob that is the perfect shape and size.

A Tap and Die job… I HOPE

Hope you put the finish product up!


Thank you. It’s just a knob for the quick change tool post on the lathe.


AR pistol?

Just saw one if these👌

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Yes…AR pistol in 9mm. Glock magazine lower. Unbelievably nice shooter.


And another LEGO gun!


Scope rail and mags for a 300AAC bolt gun build.

Picked these up through Optics Planet, because they were less than buying direct from MDT. Learned a lesson the hard way Optics Planet is not above unscrupulous business practices -meaning the savings were not enough to justify buying through them; shoulda just bought direct from MDT. Sad part is, I knew better than to try to save a couple bucks on MDT’s stuff. :roll_eyes:


Think I’ll just put this right here.

More to follow when I’ve had time to play.


Man, I really had to search back through this thread. I can’t believe it took me over two months to get this thing on the rifle.

But anyway, ahh… that’s better:

I got measurements for the scope and put a set of rings on order today. Should be here early next week.


Looking Good! Almost there…


Thanks @LonewolfMcQuade. I was gonna go all in right out of the gate with an MDT ESS chassis, but thought I better shoot the thing first to see if it’s worth investing that kind of coin for the long haul. Plus the Hogue stock feels nice and grippy. I’ve read bad things about it, but left wondering if it might just be suitable for my purposes with respect to accuracy as-is. Will have to see for myself I suppose. More to follow -probably in a separate thread.


I would HIGHLY suggest shooting it as is. See how it performs. You may be happy with the Hogue stock. The MDT stock is VERY nice & aesthetically pleasing, but expensive. Will the mdt improve accuracy, weight, modularity? Enough to justify $1k? What is the range & intended purpose of your 300? :arrow_left: just ?'s I’d ask myself… the MDT is customizable, LOP, cheek height, etc. which is awesome features to have! If I had the $$$$, I would be buying 3 of them for a few Remington 700’s I have. But, I don’t have “Fu@k you” money like you :joy::rofl::smile::wink:


Exactly why I’m waiting. Well that and it isn’t necessary since realistic expectations of shooting distance with this build will be 100 yards on average (200-ish tops). Hence the 300 AAC caliber and 20 MOA rail. Not sure if the rail was a good idea yet, but am thinking suppressed subs will drop like hot rocks.

And now hey… come on, I don’t have 800 yard groundhog money! I’ve only ever bought one MDT chassis (TAC21) many years ago and that was during their annual Black Friday blem sale. Far as I know this is the only way and/or time you can find their stuff discounted. I’m a patient guy so that’d be my route going for a blem unless I feel a compelling reason not to wait (e.g. pandemic fueled zombie apocalypse is imminent, Canadian embargo, or any other outlandish and unforeseen fill in the blank here).


Thought this thread deserved a resurrection. I finally got everything together for the 300 Blackout build:

Remington 700
16.5" threaded barrel
MDT 20 MOA scope rail
Leupold VX-R Firedot 3-9x50
4" sun shade
Burris XTR scope rings

Next step is the fun part: put some rounds downrange. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please keep us in the loop.

Still waiting on my .300 BLK barrel for the DT MDR. And last I knew the foreend for the AR that was lost at sea is still on the loading dock waiting for USPS to pick it and many other orders up.


Looks sweet!!! Can’t wait for the range report


That thing looks great! :+1: nice job.


Thanks everyone. I’m hoping to get out sometime in the coming week.


While we wait for the range report…

My Brigand Arms Edge hand guard came in today and it didn’t take me long to install it. But first I took the gas block that was on it (standard AR front sight) and turned it into a low profile gas block while the Edge was still on the mail truck and I was waiting for it. Of course I made some missteps. I never worked on that end of any barrel before today. But by and by I got it done. A couple coats of matte grey AlumaHyde covered the bare metal.

The design goal of that rifle was the lightest weight I could get maybe 2 decades ago. Things have changed quite a bit and I’m glad I waited as long as I did before making more changes. Years ago I removed the aluminum lower and replaced it with a carbon fiber lower and that helped. I haven’t been able to use iron sights on any AR for 20+ years and wanted the front sight out of my line of sight so I chopped that off long ago. I kept the carbine length A2 hand guard on it because I didn’t think that affected the weight much. But I put the Edge on it mostly to increase cooling and free float the barrel. But after the installation I was amazed at just how much lighter the front end of the rifle is. Now I need to get a lighter butt stock to balance it out and reduce weight further. Then this will be complete and up to date enough for me.

While I wait for Desert Tech to deliver my .300BLK barrel the 2nd build I’m considering is an AR pistol in .300BLK. I have most of the parts. I need a barrel and hand guard (unless I can use the handguard that came off of the rifle above), upper and innards. I have the rest.

We’ll see. I’m in no hurry. I have plenty to entertain myself with. Now I need to get some barrels warmed up while I consider the .300BLK handgun.


^^^^This is when I realized I was hooked on 300BLK. As to building a handgun: DO IT! You won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:

PS> I did manage to get the rifle build sighted in last week. More to follow on that. :spook:


Thanks. Yeah, I need to sell some stuff first. I’m still kicking around ideas and nothing has taken root yet. I’m also thinking of just getting a Contender or Encore barrel (threaded and sans sights) in .300BLK so that I can use my .30 over the barrel can on it. I like manually operated firearms alot for subsonic suppressed… no action noise and the action stays clean.

Re: the Desert Tech MDR, DT tells me that I’m “in the next batch of barrels” whatever that means. It’s been on order for 4 years. In the meantime they’re making newly ordered MDRx rifles, I assume with barrels that could have been chambered in .300BLK to take care of the folks who have barrels paid for for 4 years. But we haven’t been waiting long enough it seems. They don’t want to understand that by prepaying for what we ordered we paid the manufacturing cost, any minor assembly, and their profit. What they need to do and all they need to do is tell their subcontractor to make the barrels. They use our that has already been paid, to pay for the barrels. Dragging this out the way they are tells me that they spent the and it has me concerned that I’ll never see what I ordered. Sort of like a Ponzi scheme.