What's Your BUILD


Ok back, now my restriction is lifted.

Sergetol: Nice rifle how far is the 10/22 accurate to?

Blacksmith: Yes, I am just getting into hunting. We have a 16000 acre property, beautiful country. Mainly Kangaroo’s and rabbit for the moment,but there are hogs and dingo’s there. I just have to track them. Building a short and long range. I cant wait to hit target at 1000m, there is a really nice ridge sitting up high to do some overwatch.


You like lever guns?


up to 100 m… however you could get a pretty big game as well (on 50 m)


if you ask me? - I do! :slight_smile:


44 mag?
(I hate the character mandate


357 Magnum… as well as the others


Epic. What’s the most powerful carriage of you don’t mind me asking?


powerful for what? cartridge for a handgun or rifle? for target shooting, or hunting? for a home protection, or edc? for LEO or civilians? etc…
I think, the question is what cartridge would be enough for all of the above?
my favorite calibers: 9x19, 357 Magnum (38 Sp), 30 Carbine, 223/5.56, 7.62x39, 6.5mm (x55, or Creedmoor).
do not need to go bigger.
what difference does it make, which caliber did you missed with?


We’re the exact opposite. I only have a m91/30 but my uncle and cousin let me shoot their thumpers a lot. I’m saving for a 375 SOCOM upper at the moment.


it is all personal. the Best Gun is what you are Best with


Exactly. Well that and the one John Wayne liked.


Wow WESOME collection Sergetoll!

Yes like the levers🤗

You maybe a person to ask about purchasing first revolver.

Again just like the lever rifle been apart of history.


It is my understanding, you are in Australia… what are your choices?


I know nothing bigger than 357 in dia. Maybe other stuff.


To my knowledge, any calibre in revolver.

Wanting a piece of history, so S&W or Colt.

Not really educated with revolvers.


In USA revolver lovers are split for Colt or Smith and Wesson users. I have both Brands.
Colt is a very cool Hollywood tool. Python is a top swig cylinder model.

SAA Peacemaker 1873 - one of the most historical item. Cool shooter (I prefer in 357 Magnum). Ruger makes a nice replica (original Colt is $$$$). Uberti (Italy) makes even nicer one and closer to original.

However, my personal preference for shooting is Smith and Wesson. specially, the old once. they have better trigger and better grip (for me!).
model 66 - “Policemen Dream” - Best for carrying and shooting.
model 686 (586 in blue) - best for shooting
model M&P R8 - shooting and tactical
and, as I always say: why to choose, if you could have all. :slight_smile:


I feel like the old 45 vs 9 translates to revolvers with Smith vs Colt but Ruger beats both of them personally.


@AussieOutdoorOps, Can you get access to old mil surps like the Mosin Nagant, K98k Mauser, or etc? I’m curious as to what all long guns you all can have over there. I’m vaguely familiar with some of your firearm laws but not well versed in the specifics.


So Coo!

Check out this Personal collection of Colt Revolvers.

Not sure at what time, but so SWEET!!!

I Think you will like IT!!


So what are the license classifications?
And it’s kinda sad you can’t just walk in and grab a box of ammo.