What's Your BUILD


You have to be a member of a pistol club for 6mths before you apply for a handgun licence
Weapons Safety course and then a Permit to Acquire for each handgun.
The first PTA has a 30dy cooing of period.
Then you must complete a number of official shoots per year

With regards to ammo, as long as you have a current Weapons Licence you can buy ammo, well for the moment.


as long as its not Semi or full auto and a gun shop can find it. Yeah we can get it.

Oh and you have the licence.

For example, contract shooters with a Cat D licence can purchase Semi auto’s, but there are heavy regulation such as informing authorities when the the rifle is used.


That’s sucks you all have to go through this ridiculousness.


My last build. I use it strictly for competitions (gas gun series by PRS).

BCM upper and full auto BCG
Aero Precision lower
WOA 1-7 SPR 18" SS barrel
PRI Swan sleeve and front sight/gas block
PRI GenII MK12mod0 handguard
AE brake and collar
Military issue A-1 grip
A-1 length buttstock with A-2 style butt cap
ARMs 22M 30mm scope rings
SWFA SS 10x mildot optic
ARMs low profile BRS
Butler Creek lens caps

With IMI 77g MK262 type factory ammo it will shoot between 1 to 1.5 MOA off of the prone (not a fan of sleds when accuracy testing as I think it has a tendency of making shooters lazy with the fundamentals). It will shoot sub-MOA with my 75g handholds consistently.


My first attempt at Hydro Dip.
Very low cost mod while you save for hardware mods.

Will try a FDE with Black through it for the 308.


Sweet. Where do you buy your supplies for the hydro-dipping, and for how much?


Mate that is all it cost.

$6au for the green
$13au for the Charcoal
Sooooo easy!

You just need a container to submerge the stock. I used the bath tub.

I will post a vid when I do my 308 today. It’s 0327 01/04/18 here.

So many finishes and designs, I learn you can buy film with designs. Look u Hydro Dip Film on eBay heaps, from camo to pictures.

Really great way to customize a rifle.


Oh the paint needs to be oil base (Enamel)


That is awesome. I’m gonna have to start experimenting… and dang man 0327 is too early to be up. I should know, that’s when I wake up for work each day, haha


Shift worker, I forgot I’m back on at 1500 so will Hydro Dip the next day (Sunday)


My 1st Attempt at Hydro Dipping.

Pretty Awesome way to paint any object.


My next will be my 783 stock, going for Dessert Camo look.

I will post Vids.


Shoots cowboy, Ilike your style😍


I’ve never seen a more redneck hydro dip container. You be one uped me.


Just couldn’t wait. Although I don’t recommend it as it took longer and harder to clean the bath!

I will line it with plastic next time. But look for an old Bath tub. Pretty good size although an Aussie wheelie bin would be great as they are very deep and pretty wide.


Hi all just

Bumping up😁


A muzzle break in a thread and design I can’t find. Sometimes you have to build it.



When a 4 jaw chuck just wont do! You got to build a better one! Good for barrels, actions, and bolts!


Ha ha ha! Can’t stop laughing. Thank you Robert. There is no… No elbow room in it!


IWhen it folds and you want it to telescope! I can’t get the pictures in chronological order…sorry guys and gals.

Building a better Ak-47 front sight tool. Pt 1,2.

My latest build