What's Your BUILD


Wow, impressive work, I am impressed, and a bit jelly.



It’s awsome to see a little history.

I really want a classic with a story. I just have to pick one.

I was thinking a Springfield, but have since learnt of many other rifles that have had a huge influence in there era.


My latest build:

I sure miss the days of the $100 AK matching # parts kits with original barrels…(sigh)


What’s is it’s origin?

My guess, in my inexperience opinion😆
Germany around Hitler?

Mainly due to seeing that rifle in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN😉


That would be a British Sten gun. It was used heavily during WWII. You would have seen it in Saving Private Ryan, dispatching Nazis whenever possible.
I used to own one of its cousins, the Sterling MK4. Super fun weapon…never shot a Sten.


Thank you for the support everyone. This is a great forum. I built the Sten over the course of a few days in the garage with a dremel, drill press, and welder. It was a fun project and even more fun to shoot.


Thats too bad. Plenty of homes for sale here In Newhampshire. Come on down!!!


Just finished up this 9mm carbine. Just need to get a mag well adapter and it’s ready to go.

Faxon upper
ADCO red dot
Elftmen tactical comp trigger
MVB industries stock and buffer.


Nice work sir!!!


Nice work! That stock is the business!


Loving that Butt Stock!


I like the stock a lot, it’s very short, about 1/3 shorter than a standard 6 position.



I got my Gorton engraver/ copier up and running finally!


Oh, I like that. Need to start upgrading my shop. Want a small mill and lathe.


That engraver… that’s awesome.


Finally finished my AR9 build.


Speaking of 10mm. I’m an AR noob and maybe I’ve asked this before? Can you build a 10mm AR PCC? That would scratch 3 things at once for me. If not I might just go ahead and buy the HP 1095 10mm PCC.


Yes, Olympic arms has one. http://www.olyarms.com/shop/pistols/ar-15-pistol-cal-models/k10.html


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Olympic arms close? I loved there products. I own two of there ar15.


Their still up & running it looks like.