What's Your BUILD


Wow, impressive work, I am impressed, and a bit jelly.



It’s awsome to see a little history.

I really want a classic with a story. I just have to pick one.

I was thinking a Springfield, but have since learnt of many other rifles that have had a huge influence in there era.


My latest build:

I sure miss the days of the $100 AK matching # parts kits with original barrels…(sigh)


What’s is it’s origin?

My guess, in my inexperience opinion😆
Germany around Hitler?

Mainly due to seeing that rifle in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN😉


That would be a British Sten gun. It was used heavily during WWII. You would have seen it in Saving Private Ryan, dispatching Nazis whenever possible.
I used to own one of its cousins, the Sterling MK4. Super fun weapon…never shot a Sten.


Thank you for the support everyone. This is a great forum. I built the Sten over the course of a few days in the garage with a dremel, drill press, and welder. It was a fun project and even more fun to shoot.