What's your favorite 1-4/6x Scope?

I’ve asked this elsewhere and it’s facilitated some excellent discussion.

What are your favorites? Why?

I like my US Optics SN-4. Its the gen one scope they made when they first started up and they gave it to me free for waiting for my first order for 5 scopes that took forever. It has a circle dot reticle that is first focal plane and is 1-4X variable. The top has a ballistic cam for 223. I use it on my Rem 700 in 223.

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I love US Optics scopes. Such excellent scopes. They’re just so heavy…

Yeah, Leupolds are some good scopes. I simply wish it was capped turrets instead of exposed turrets…

I like this older style from US optics but they do not make it any more and now just have those heavy ones with the large blocky center sections.

Yeah, I was bummed when I saw they discontinued their close range scopes. I like my 1-8 and my dad likes the US Optics 1-6. I as considering their 1-4 for my next AR upper as well.

US Optics was recently bought out, so maybe they’ll get them back into production, or maybe they stopped production on those old scopes because they’re working on a new design? That certainly would be awesome.

I’m interested in US Optics stuff, but I’m also looking into Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x24. Most of their stuff is Chinese junk but these are made in Japan with nice Japanese glass. I just wish the recticle wasn’t so busy.

US Optics scopes are amazing. I own their 1-8. US Optics scopes are heavy, but you could use them as a hammer no problem. Damn good stuff.

I don’t have experience with the Primary Arms Platinum line though.

I don’t have a fav, sadly it’s hard to find a store where you can eyeball the range. So like buying shoes on the internet, you buy one and hope it works.

I put a Leuplold Mark 6 on my AR. FFP, illuminated, 34mm tube sitting in a G 0 cant mount.

Mine is my Kahles 1-6. Glass as clear as Swarovski, built in throw lever, illuminated, light-ish. There are many out there that can do the same job for a lot less $$. I have a high end 223 wylde that (well in my mind) needed the same class optic.

I got a Bushnell 1x4 Banner scope, with the circle X retical. I had this on my AR until I got the Vortex Strikefire for Christmas. It was on target at 100 right out of box. I was impressed with the it. I had it mounted on a Weaver cantilever mount.



Vortex Viper PST Gen ll 1-6 Illuminated 30mm Scope with the MOA Reticle.

Great glass and reticle, just what you need for close quaters or out to longer ranges. 10 intensity levels with off position between each setting. Totally functional and uncluttered.

Just what I needed on my 9mm almost Semi-Auto Carbine.

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I’ve owned primary arms, bushnell, and vortex.

Primary arms was terrible in every way.

Vortex was great, especially features, knobs, glass quality, bad eye relief. Better as 1-8 or higher.

Bushnell had bad knobs, glass decent, but LOVE the eye relief, lots of room.

Buy an Bushnell AR throwdown 1-4 on amazon right now.

I have a 1x6x24 Millett DMS-2 on my SCAR 17S and have loved it. Illuminated horseshoe and dot reticle.

I have a Vortex 1-4x24 on an M4, I think it’s great. It is my favorite scope to use. I shot the weapon Just today, using golf balls for up close practice. The scope is true 1 power. I have also used this setup in a High Power match, it works well at long range also.

Recommendations for a scope.
Long Gun Build, 783 in 308.
Range 100-300m stock rifle.

Was thinking mildot/AO/ 4x12x42 vortex.

IT’s a mistake to think Primary Arms are anything but good quality for the money. Designed and tested by Military men who realize the best most innovative reticle and good enough glass far out weighs the standard “mildot” type scope with great glass. If you havn’t worked with the ACSS system, you are really missing out on a superior scope tool. Have fun,


I have a Nikon M-223 1x4 that I have used on several rifles and have no complaints…

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I dont like variable scopes except on precision rifles but I liked the Eotech Vudu 1-6 .

Trijicon VCOG. I only wish the battery life didn’t suck so much, but that thing is darn near indestructable, really built like a tank. Perfect optic for a 308 semi auto.

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