What's your plan?


Hypothetical situation:

You wakeup tomorrow morning and realize the zombie apocalypse is upon you and your family.

All business are closed and the government declared a state of an emergency.

An emergency broadcast message describes a deadly disease outbreak that’s extremely contagious if bitten and no known cure when infected, however there’s a secure safe zone with a preventable vaccine, plenty of food, water and adequate shelter for thousands of citizens 750 miles away at a remote countryside far from your current location.

It’s clearly your responsibility to make the journey if you and your family intend to survive the outbreak and the total chaos in the streets of your community.

Also understand that all armed military forces and law enforcement have been ordered to take down all those currently infected and/or any person or persons they deem a direct threat.

What do you do?

Take your time and think about it for a few minutes before you post something and please try to be specific and thorough in your response.

Hopefully this will be fun thread and perhaps we all can learn something.

Appreciate it, thanks!

Okay, let’s hear it!


One bit of information that I think is needed for a complete answer is what sort of a zombie are we talking about. Is it 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead (Original), or Dawn of the Dead (Remake). I do feel that the zombie type from The Return of the Living Dead and WWZ (movie) should be omitted, because it’s a zombie type that has supernatural qualities.

Having said that, I will side with the 28 Days Later scenario because it is somewhat plausible. And Dawn of the Dead (Original) if you are a good marksman and have ammo, it’s just not a big enough threat to go cross country. A lot of zombie scenario critics don’t realize that there are a number of zombie examples in biology today…although for complex animals like humans I suspect it’s a very low probability event.

So, the short answer is if you cannot react before the panicked crowd and reach the safe-zone, from my experience with local disasters it’s probably best to hold up somewhere before attempting to travel by roads. I imagine major highways will simply become real house of horrors, from zombies and humans alike. If the safe-zone is also a gun-free zone and they don’t provide round the clock security by guards who are always within hearing distance, then it’s really not a safe-zone at all, and should be avoided if possible.


Me, I climb the roof of my house
Spread my arms out, and sing


Good questions, thanks!

The “28 Days Later” is the type of scenario I was going for kinda. You would be able to take out any infected person with an appropriate shot to protect yourself. No different than any other healthy human being.

The “Safe Zone” is a military fortress and you will be able keep all your property if you choose to stay within the complex, including weapons.


I don’t think we will see zombies like people in Hollywood dream up. What I think we will see is the zombies that currently live in our urban centers now.when the government tit runs dry and they don’t get all the free stuff .They will come flooding out to out to try and take from the rest of us who have prepared for it by not relying on handouts.


I would hold in place with what I have, after all the idiots with nothing take off and vacate area I would then build it up as my safe haven…collect all the stuff the idiots left behind and use it…after at least 30 days I would then make an effort to gather intel and take a look at the situation…then I would proceed on what I knew to be true…I would more than likely find a better place to safeguard within a short distance of where I was…being a sheep at some so called safe place that may get me killed getting to would not be my first choice…probably way down the list…


Well everyone should have at leadt 3 months to a year of preps, the plan should be to wait 1-2 months to let people die off a bit to help prevent confrontations with gangs,cops or refugees,etc. Then im going to start a modern day “Deadwood” with my own personal brothel made up of hoodrat prostitutes and a bar stocked with scavenged booze and maybe some homemade shit untail I find a betrer source (probably from the hillbilles out in the sticks). I plan on being a less limey Al Swarengen (sp).


Would you trade hoodrats for shine?


Yes I would. Steady supply gets you discounts on everything else too. If you double up as security then the sky is the limit.


I would never drink again what I had the night before.

My trained unicorn will skewer them.

Zombies. Get real. We have enough realistic dangers.

What if a virus killed off the corn or wheat plants? That would be inconvenient.


There are zombies in biology. Numerous examples actually. So, I don’t think it’s in the realm of unicorns. But either way zombies are a fun way to think about natural or man made disasters without it being so depressing. For example, if you believe in Murphy’s Law nuclear war is only a matter of time from this point until nukes are not longer around…but who wants to think about that?


Name something over one pound in weight in nature that dies and comes back reanimated. Brine shrimp, maybe, but they are tiny and not all that bright the first time around.

Spiders exist, too, but not eight foot long ones from Mars (my therapist has me convinced this is so, anyway).

I suppose it’s fun. But the first time I saw the Ruger Zombie Slayer line of firearms I did a face-palm because that was just more ammunition against a typical gun owner.

Now, if you’re using “Zombie” as a pseudonym for thugs or progressives/socialists. I’m you’re blueberry, Stock up and clear a fire zone around the yard.




The rage virus from “28 days later” is not so far fetched now of days.


…Speaking of zombies


Yeah. He was more fun before his nose rotted off.


I’m thinking a Zombie is a creature who shows up in a gun related forum two hours ago and stirs up a shit storm about abortion and derails a thread about a zombie apocalypse situation by picking at what type of zombie. I’m pretty sure we all know ( or rather I hope we all know ) that zombies are fiction.
Time to turn off the boob tube and get on topic.


Well my good Sir, I don’t think you watch zombie movies. Not all die and then come back. Some are more like a virus. And I don’t know a single organism that can die and then comeback to life, though it sounds interesting I would like to read about these brine shrimp. Again I think it’s a very far fetched scenario but not impossible. Read about rabies for example. It’s quite possible engeneer rabies into something that doesn’t just kill humans but effects them more like dogs. Oh and there are zombie mice…though I’m not sure about them being over one pound.

Oh, and why only pic on socialists…? Capitalism unless closely managed is just as unrealistic and unsustainable. The premise of both Capitalism and Socialism are not compatible with human nature.


Socialism and communism has killed and oppressed far more people ,so your theory is bullshit.


Buddy I’m just sitting here working on my laptop and trying to have a little fun on this forum. Why are you being such an asshole? You attacked me on a different thread. If you can’t handle certain topics stay away from them and stop stressing yourself out. This is the only time I will respond to one of your insults. Please respond with supporting evidence or logic, otherwise you are coming of as some angry child.