What's your plan?


Hypothetical situation:

You wakeup tomorrow morning and realize the zombie apocalypse is upon you and your family.

All business are closed and the government declared a state of an emergency.

An emergency broadcast message describes a deadly disease outbreak that’s extremely contagious if bitten and no known cure when infected, however there’s a secure safe zone with a preventable vaccine, plenty of food, water and adequate shelter for thousands of citizens 750 miles away at a remote countryside far from your current location.

It’s clearly your responsibility to make the journey if you and your family intend to survive the outbreak and the total chaos in the streets of your community.

Also understand that all armed military forces and law enforcement have been ordered to take down all those currently infected and/or any person or persons they deem a direct threat.

What do you do?

Take your time and think about it for a few minutes before you post something and please try to be specific and thorough in your response.

Hopefully this will be fun thread and perhaps we all can learn something.

Appreciate it, thanks!

Okay, let’s hear it!


Good questions, thanks!

The “28 Days Later” is the type of scenario I was going for kinda. You would be able to take out any infected person with an appropriate shot to protect yourself. No different than any other healthy human being.

The “Safe Zone” is a military fortress and you will be able keep all your property if you choose to stay within the complex, including weapons.


I don’t think we will see zombies like people in Hollywood dream up. What I think we will see is the zombies that currently live in our urban centers now.when the government tit runs dry and they don’t get all the free stuff .They will come flooding out to out to try and take from the rest of us who have prepared for it by not relying on handouts.


I would hold in place with what I have, after all the idiots with nothing take off and vacate area I would then build it up as my safe haven…collect all the stuff the idiots left behind and use it…after at least 30 days I would then make an effort to gather intel and take a look at the situation…then I would proceed on what I knew to be true…I would more than likely find a better place to safeguard within a short distance of where I was…being a sheep at some so called safe place that may get me killed getting to would not be my first choice…probably way down the list…


Well everyone should have at leadt 3 months to a year of preps, the plan should be to wait 1-2 months to let people die off a bit to help prevent confrontations with gangs,cops or refugees,etc. Then im going to start a modern day “Deadwood” with my own personal brothel made up of hoodrat prostitutes and a bar stocked with scavenged booze and maybe some homemade shit untail I find a betrer source (probably from the hillbilles out in the sticks). I plan on being a less limey Al Swarengen (sp).


Would you trade hoodrats for shine?


Yes I would. Steady supply gets you discounts on everything else too. If you double up as security then the sky is the limit.


I would never drink again what I had the night before.

My trained unicorn will skewer them.

Zombies. Get real. We have enough realistic dangers.

What if a virus killed off the corn or wheat plants? That would be inconvenient.


Name something over one pound in weight in nature that dies and comes back reanimated. Brine shrimp, maybe, but they are tiny and not all that bright the first time around.

Spiders exist, too, but not eight foot long ones from Mars (my therapist has me convinced this is so, anyway).

I suppose it’s fun. But the first time I saw the Ruger Zombie Slayer line of firearms I did a face-palm because that was just more ammunition against a typical gun owner.

Now, if you’re using “Zombie” as a pseudonym for thugs or progressives/socialists. I’m you’re blueberry, Stock up and clear a fire zone around the yard.




The rage virus from “28 days later” is not so far fetched now of days.


…Speaking of zombies


Yeah. He was more fun before his nose rotted off.


I’m thinking a Zombie is a creature who shows up in a gun related forum two hours ago and stirs up a shit storm about abortion and derails a thread about a zombie apocalypse situation by picking at what type of zombie. I’m pretty sure we all know ( or rather I hope we all know ) that zombies are fiction.
Time to turn off the boob tube and get on topic.


Socialism and communism has killed and oppressed far more people ,so your theory is bullshit.


Guilty. About the last time I paid any attention to zombies we got “Witch Deflector Buttons” at the $1.00 Saturday Afternoon Matinee and a box of Raisinettes was 25¢. $2.00 if it was a Vincent Price double-feature and cartoon.


I ain’t your buddy

So being a dick is fun for you?

Thank you. I’ appreciate that.

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Pretty quick to play the victim card don’t ya think?.


Look, i certainly didn’t mean to create any major controversy here by any means.

This is my second topic that I have started within this forum. I thought it would be a fun and friendly way to generate some good conversations among many of us here on Full30.

Professionals in the science and health community are always on the look out for the next big pandemic outbreak.

“A new paper by Jeffrey Shaman in Nature Microbiology outlines the challenges that need to be addressed to successfully model the spread of infectious disease. He argues that creating “risk maps,” which depict geographical areas that are particularly susceptible to disease outbreaks, require two key components: (1) identifying possible emerging diseases (e.g., an obscure virus that could jump from animals to humans); and (2) assessing the likelihood and extent of a local outbreak and subsequent geographic spread.”

Source: https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/02/22/predicting-pandemics-we-know-one-coming-not-what-when-or-where-12605

Possible Future Example:

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) of mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk (or “wapiti”), moose, and reindeer. As of 2016, CWD had been found in members of the deer family only.[1] First recognized as a clinical “wasting” syndrome in 1967 in mule deer in a wildlife research facility in northern Colorado, USA, it was identified as a TSE in 1978 and has spread to free-ranging and captive populations in 23 US states and two Canadian provinces.[2] CWD is typified by chronic weight loss leading to death. No relationship is known between CWD and any other TSEs of animals or people.
Although reports in the popular press have been made of humans being affected by CWD, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionsuggests, “[m]ore epidemiologic and laboratory studies are needed to monitor the possibility of such transmissions”.[3] The epidemiological study further concluded, “[a]s a precaution, hunters should avoid eating deer and elk tissues known to harbor the CWD agent (e.g., brain, spinal cord, eyes, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes) from areas where CWD has been identified”.[3]

Source: wikipedia.org

MADISON (WKOW) – Research monkeys given meat infected with chronic wasting disease later became infected with the disease, according to preliminary results from a Canadian study.

The study, conducted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, has only been published in abstract form and has yet to complete the peer review process.

The findings, however, are a signal that more research on the risk of CWD to human health is necessary and that hunters should strongly consider testing their deer, especially if the animals were taken in any of the Wisconsin counties affected by CWD, said veterinarian Keith Poulsen, diagnostic and case outreach coordinator for WVDL.

The study is being closely watched by the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (WVDL) on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

"This is the first controlled study of contaminated meat causing clinical disease," says Poulsen of the research, where over a three-year period five monkeys were fed a diet that included the equivalent of a single seven-ounce venison steak per month. Three of the monkeys became infected, with two showing clinical signs of the disease. "The results show we need to continue this work."

To date, there is no evidence showing that CWD - which has been found in deer, elk, moose and reindeer - can be or has been transmitted from animals to humans. CWD is one in a family of diseases caused by a prion, a nearly indestructible infectious agent whose epidemiology and mechanisms of action and transmission are not fully understood.

"The chance of someone getting prion disease is remote, but not zero," Poulsen explains. "It would be a mistake to ignore it."

Source: http://www.wkow.com/story/36339634/2017/09/Monday/warning-to-wisconsin-deer-hunters-after-new-cwd-study


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