What's your plan?


After reading all of this, I gotta prepare a 3-day pack or something. Maybe it’s time to finally stock some MREs. Storing water in the northeast can be a bit trickier. Does anyone have any solution for storing drinking water in cold to below freezing temperatures? You can only eat so much snow before you get the yellow stuff.


Hah!!! That shits funny. Thanks for the laugh brother. I needed it.


let it freeze - the amount of energy you will use to keep from freezing is less than you would use to thaw/ Makes quite easy to carry/store and you do not need a container…


Flexible containers can be used to secure frozen water.
Leaving the top loose or off helps, too.
No big deal.


I load up the bugout vehicle, including bikes in case of road blocks or obstructions. I head for my bugout house. Easy, short trip in the vehicle, but a couple of days if by bike or on foot. Once I get there, I’m ready to rock. For a while. After that comes finding out what’s going on, and making a plan for the next step. You’re never too prepared, but I can at least say I’ve worked on it, and at the start, it won’t be bad. I have association with an organized group that I can rally with in the first couple of days.

Stockpile your food, water, guns, ammo, medical supplies and necessary tools and equipment, items that can be bartered, maybe gold and silver for trade. Have enough cash so you might be able to buy gas or something if needed. Do all of that now, or you will be suffering later. None of this should be news to any prepper, only procrastinators.


So all this talk got me looking again at remote properties in a number of state. Was looking at Idaho when I came upon this ominously titled video. Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Idaho. So I watched it. At the end I was sold that Idaho may be my favorite state.

For your amusement I offer the following:


Ok I’m sold on Idaho!


I lived in Montana back in the late 80’s, I had to travel further west on a few different occasions for work reasons.

I agree that some of the roads and the weather was a bit tricky, however I found the state to be very beautiful with plenty of wilderness scenery. I personally love the Northwest states, especially Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas!


I live like 2 -3 hours out of Idaho. I like the place but Boise is a liberal cess pool. Idaho has constitutional carry too.


Boise isn’t as bad as that. It is +- 10% in either direction over the years. I’ve spoken to several people who either lived there or are from there and it isn’t that bad. A cesspool is the I25 corridor north of Pueblo or the coast of CA. Hah.

Wife and I are 100% all in going to Idaho once we are ready.


I live right next to Boise and have family there, it is pretty bad. About 80% as bad as Portland. Lets put it this way, the libs there banned constitutional carry as in you can carry carry with a permit everywhere in Idaho but not in Boise. Not to mention all those refugees they decided to take in a few years back. Boise is a cess pool compared to the rest of their state, I know this from living there or by there my whole life. The outskirts are not as bad though. Idaho > any other state in this part of the country but I personally would not live in Boise ,it is getting bad there.


It’s better there than in 90% of the large cities in Texas. I’ll take Boise in a heartbeat though I’d rather move to the boonies and commute there if I had to.


Large cities anywhere are a cesspool of libtards. The bigger the city, the more liberal it tends to be. I’m with ya on moving to the boonies. Problem is, the boonies, at least around here, turn into the city rather quickly. I would love a relocate to Alaska but I’m too stubborn and hard headed to let the libtards just take over Texas. I’m going to fight those fuckers all the way.


No its not ,Boise is like a Mini Austin , maybe even worse even has about the same percentage of illegals. Portland is even worse then that but Boise is getting there.


Yea, unless te right goes on the offensive instead of just playing defense then we are royally f*****.