What's your Scout Rifle or lightweight Scout-ish Rifle?

I love my 6.5 Creedmoor, but it’s quite heavy. It’s a Masterpiece Arms with a giant barrel and a Vortex Razor HD. Shooting inside 500 yards is boring with this sucker it’s such a good shooter. But it’s a pain to lug around.

I want to build a lighter bolt action rifle for shooting competitions and was curious as to what all of y’all have.

Time to brag! Show me what your lightweight bolt action rifle is like!

I have a Mossberg MVP Patrol in 308 with a Vortex 2-7 scope on it.


300BO AR with a 2-7 Vortex on it also.
Compared to the rest of the heavy metal in the box, these 6 pounders are tired down so they dont float away.

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It’s not QUITE what the Colonel, had in mind, butit works for me. CZ 527M with custom stock, bedded, pillared, reinforced AK style pistol grip, spare 5 round magazine holder in butt, and custom ten round magazine as primary. That one is loaded with homecast NOE 129gr bullets handloaded with AA# 1680 powder. No scope, but the stock rear sight was replaced with a folding Marbles by the same genius gunsmith who built the stock. .
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I use my Ruger 77 In 357 Magnum like a Scout rifle.
It is a bolt gun that weighs 5.5 pounds.Stainless steel with a polymer stock. I use a low power scope but usually the iron sights that it came with it. Great for the brush country around me.

Ruger American in 7.62 x 39. They are lightweight and use the Mini 30 mags. 20 rounds in a bolt gun! Also I see Ruger just came out with the new 223 american that uses the AR mags.

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I went in a bit different direction. Tikka T3 lite, swapping the stock with a tikka CTR stock ( this keeps a light barrel with a cheek rest and a 10 round magazine) topped with a leupold HOG scope. That scope has a hold over reticle. The 1-4 power follows the patrol rifle idea.


Not quite a true scout rifle due to weight…

An M1-D with an above the bore and ahead of the chamber mount wearing a modern Burris LER (1-6x) scope. Heavy but sweet and also a <moa shooter. I removed it from the arsenal wrap myself.

1944 M44 with S & K scout mount and 3 x 7 x 32 scope, shoots pretty good with handloads.


My Remington in 223. Front sight base designed by myself to use a M14 front sight. McMillan stock, Badger ord bottom metal and bolt handle, US optics SN-4 scope


I have the Mossberg MVP Patrol in 308.Also the Ruger American Ranch rifle in 762 X 39.Both are great.


It’s not the typical “scout” rifle but it works IMO. That being a 1917 Enfield my Dad passed on to me. Somewhere along the line someone sporterized it and to be honest its very nice to tote through the woods. No optics but the 1917 sights in my opinion are awesome and this rifle is dead nuts accurate.

A bubba’d 1893 Spanish Mauser, still 7mm


Im running a Savage Model 11 Scout


Dude. Love that Mosin! More pics please!

Not a scout but here is my other Mosin. 1933 HEX Tula


Very nice! Stock looks like it’s in great shape.

Here are my babies. Both 1943 Izzy’s, one is a former PU sniper (on the right). Both matching numbers (including the sniper’s bayonet). We should get a Mosin Nagant only topic going. Hah.


Don’t have what Jeff Copper would consider a “Scout” rifle, but my deer rifle is a .260 Rem Savage M11 Sporter weight with 3-9x40mm Nikon Prostaff and that comes out at 7-1/2 lbs total.

“Inside 500 yards” is not boring for me because where I hunt I may only see from 0 to 60 yards, and have three seconds between part of deer seen and no deer seen anymore to make the decision to shoot. Thick cover, wary deer. I’ve killed 47 whitetail and the furthest was 120 yards.

I’m still working on 5 shots with the 143 gr ELD-x under 1" at 100 yards. So far I get four in 1" and then 1-1/2" with the 5th … . repeatedly. Which ain’t bad.

My M39 (Finnish Sako barrelled Mosin-Nagant (octagonal rec.)) has been hunting a couple times. As far as issue military rifles it is pretty good in the woods for deer.


My Scout type rifle is an older Remington model 7 with walnut stock, open sights and 18.5" barrel. With the Leupold 2x7 scope it weighs 7.5 pounds. Chambered in 7-08. Its a deer killing dude. And with the scope on 2 power when raised to the eye its is instant focus on target. I have looked through the scout scope set up and decided I really didn’t like it.

This little model 7 is east to carry and fast to shoulder and has all the accuracy I will ever need.

This is my first post here. I came here because of the stupidity of youtube removing gun videos.

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Mine’s a very generic, first model Savage 110 LH scout rifle with the ugly plastic stock and burris LER scope, cal. 308. Works for me right well.

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