Wheelgun vs. Semi-Auto whats the best ?


I’ve carried both and I’m very good with either and while the article gives the worst examples of semi-auto carry (Really? The slide needs to be racked first? Really? the cop who wasted 18 rounds was a reflection on the gun and not a reflection on him?) it’s far from being a bad choice. But ANY handgun needs regular practice and there are folks handling either who can’t hit the wall of a barn from inside with the door closed.

My choice for 40+ years has been semi-autos since I no longer wear blue and rampaging bison are few and far between and the most likely use is for stopping rampaging animals both 4 and 2 legged. And I’m NOT the cop who wasted 18 rounds. Back in the revolver days… When I was a LEO there were fellow cops who I was expected to toss a spare speed loader to. News flash! If they wasted their basic load due to their “I could give a crap about my handgun” incompetence (and we all knew who they were) they could just remain behind cover, if they were at least that smart, and I’d take care of the problem. But give up part of my load (Insurance policy) so that they could waste more ammo? Not going to happen. We had LEOs who needed special qualification with no one else present so that they could qualify with their handgun. Seriously. I had one tell me that he only carried because he was forced to and not because it was there as a last ditch insurance policy to get home w/o a stay at the hospital first. If no one forced him to carry he wouldn’t have.

Back in that day I carried a .357 Mag with 125gr HPs and I could easily hit tennis balls @ 70 yards and I practiced that. Today I carry semi-autos because they CCW better and have more capacity. I still practice regularly and compete and I guarantee 18 rounds means 18 good hits. It’s not the bow, it’s the Indian. The article deliberately confuses the bow and the Indian.


Well, my wife had trouble racking the slide . I think the author should have mentioned that the only time racking a slide is an issue is if there is a hand or finger issue or weak hand issue.
Most ladies also tend to limp wrist and then sometimes it dont cycle correctly.
Limp wristing can also be dangerous with large caliber revolvers .