When gun grabbers use Australia as an example - the counter



I’ve had this debate more times than I can count. The other side is not willing to listen. Gun deaths dropped, we’ve had no mass shootings. But, violent crime is higher than pre ban, home invasions and rapes are increasing. Homicide levels are higher. But only gun homicides matter.

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Just another big example that gun controls are complete failures.

Those that support extreme gun bands/controls are willing to give the wolves total free reign to the hen-houses as they get filthy rich doing so…


I always say it’s like banning swimming pools to save children from drowning. Look, children drowning in swimming pools as way down. However, over all drownings are way up because they go to lakes and rivers. But but, pool drownings are way down. True, but over all drowning is way up. That’s different, besides, pool drownings are way down. It’s like talking to a brick. They only hear what they want to hear.


Canada is going through a bout of gun grabbing right now due to a recent mass shooting in Toronto which killed two girls and wounded 13. The worse part about the kneejerk reaction is there had been 27 previous gang murders and the gun grabbers were silent. So when the AGs (anti-gun) bring up places like Australia this item is than tossed back and if you look at it close enough you will notice a striking resemblance. The one thing about Australia gang violence is that they seem to use guns as an enforcement tool (bad bussiness if your customer is dead when they fail to pay). So yes the firearm related homicides are down but gun violence is out of control.
Same thing in Canada
for 2016 611 homicides
233 shootings
175 stabbings
116 beatings
and the other 100 or so everything else
and the kicker - 141 were gang related homices
so in Canada that has over 2 million licensed gun owners do we have a firearms problem?


I will never understand how a human being can place their political agenda above protecting human life. Imagine if a proposed change in society would rid the world of violence… if it isn’t a gun ban, the left would oppose.

I have said it before and I will say it again, If getting rid of all guns eliminated violence and loss of innocent life… I would turn them into furniture right now. No compensation needed! BUT: That is not the case. As long as the human race exists and has free will… we will have violence. What we COULD do is better protect innocent life and fix social issues that are causing suicide and murder… Trouble shooting 101. Doesnt matter if its violence, car wont start, or a failed erection… FIX THE ISSUE, NOT THE EFFECTS!


We as a predator are a violent species as all predators are. It has even been found that the “Noble Ape” isn’t as noble as thought and turns out is just as war like and violent as homo sapiens (just not as efficient). Firearms were designed to kill just as pointed sticks were designed to kill. Both are a tool and evolved into something much more in society.


I am going to screen shot this and add it to a little forum spot on my cell for great sayings/ wise words. Very well put!