when it comes to Firearms our two Countries are not equal

Have learnt that even though the USofA has the Constitutional protection and right to bear arms Canada even with it’s Firearm Act and Criminal Code, Canada is actually slightly more free.
Yes I could lose my privilege to own with a stroke of a pen - but lately so can you.
A lot of our regulations piggybacked on the NFA and various other foreign laws (looking south) and what we do have can be a quagmire of hell to wade through but once you learn the path it becomes quite easy to navigate.Up here there only two reasons to own or possess firearms - sport or collecting, one permits the government to randomly stick their nose into your life (collecting) and the other just involves paying and phone calls.
I wish we had the option of NFA tax stamps but than again I already pay too much in taxes as it is. But because we are democratic federalist state the Government of Canada sets the precedence and has power over local and provincial governments as defined by each provincial charter and act.
So what ever firearms regulation on the West Coast is exactly the same as the East Coast or High Arctic (hunting regulation are provincial)
We are also saddled with safe storage regulations, and there are portions that even long time owners have no clue. I am allowed to carry (open or concealed) in my home but not allowed once I leave my property. I can openly shoot on Crown (think Federal) land any firearm deemed not to be restricted or prohibited ( pistols, revolvers and any thing scarey or looks like a AR, those are limited to accredited ranges). But to shoot I have to transport ( unloaded, cased for long guns, and not observable) or trigger locked and in a locked case for restricted (pistols, ARs etc)
Where it gets strange is I can buy and sell firearms and I am only require to have a Possession and Acquisition License for the class of firearms I wish to own/sell. In essence think of every legal Canadian Firearm owner and holder of a PAL is the same as a Federal Mandated FFL. I can ship firearms to other PAL holders, I can buy from others as long as the item has been registered with the Canadian Forearms Program. I Can apply for an ATT (Authourization to Transport) and this is the only part mandated provincially and by the provincial Chief Firearms Officer (as long I belong and current with a gun club) I can transport my Restricted Firearms anywhere in my province as long as it matches the conditions on my ATT.
So I want to sell a firearm to ThisOLdGun (let’s just say he moved up here) and it is one of the common South of the Border Unicorn Guns (Restricted firearms / pistols / ARs etc), I would call up the CFP and transfer said firearm using Rusty’s PAL number and a few bit’s of other info and get a transfer number which Rusty would than call the CFP with that number to complete (remembering to request an email notification). Easiest analogy would be guns are cars and we are transferring registration. And since the firearm is no longer registered to me I am required to obtain a STATT (Short Term ATT) to be able to take said firearm to the post office and mail it or once Rusty has his transfer notice He just comes by and takes it home (hence the email notification).
Same holds true for online purchases from across the country - I can buy either private or retail, do the transfer, once complete it can be mailed to my front door. I can buy firearms for south of the border or world wide and it requires a few more steps but there are quite a few Proxy Importers available (IRunGuns.com as an example). And as long as the firearms meets the standard as detailed in the Firearms Act and Criminal Code it is good to go.
We do not suffer BATF Neutering and can get what down south consider Unicorn guns (Norinco, PolyTech and actual firearms direct from companies Hk, Walher, CZ etc). Our firearms do not require import safeties installed nor are they required to have the importer stamp (hence direct). Nor do we have the destructive device class so believe it or not a 40mm semi auto cannon is treated the same as a 308.
Bad news we have magazine limits - Semi Auto rifles are limited 5 rounds and pistols are limited to 10 ( except .22 or belt fed).
There are other peculiar things that make make firearm ownership different to that I will cover next.


Good information the part that stands out to me is that everything is registered with the government.


@Jtr and @srdiver

And, what the government has registered, is what the government can take away at their leisure.


Great info. It’s interesting that certain countries, such as Canada and Switzerland, are in certain aspects “freer” when it comes to what Americans call RKBA.

The only aspect I see Americans clearly having the edge is that we do recognize the Right to own arms as a enumerated Right. Yes we have politicians that disagree with that (along with many sheepishly ignorant voters) and want to eradicate this Right but with a written Constitution it makes it a very difficult process.


only the restricted and prohibited are registered and with well over 3 1/2 million or more legal pistols (even though there is a registry you would think the government would know with a touch of a finger but they are quite closed lipped about it) the seizure would be immense, very expensive and without civil compliance difficult.
Prime example was the Province of Quebec implemented a Provincial Long Gun Registry this year ( the federal one was abandoned and repealed a few years back) - and it still is only at just over 25% - meaning close to 7 million rifles and shotguns not registered in that province. So the take away on that is it was only the retailers that were forced to and the odd FUDD.
Lets just say they banned handguns (which they effectively did with any handgun with a barrel length of 4" or less and scarey Military arms), with a stroke of a pen they rendered almost 2 million citizens criminals. But because of the one rule of law (British Common Law) if I was able to legally possess something yesterday, I can still own it after the law comes into effect (Grandfathered).


I can readily understand the difference due to historical governance. Canada was not independent from the United Kingdom until recently, and the government is shared or very similar. Check me @srdiver I may make mistakes. So, the legal basis is rather tenuous when topic is Firearms, with major influence of French. Neither sponsored countries are really not well aligned with Canada on Gun Control. But the lingering political ties to them make Canada perhaps the most experimental of Gun Rights. I believe the vastness of Canada with few population areas allow personal firearms as necessary but not as free as is the American 2nd Amendment. Am I right or wrong?

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o yeah?

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I understand the most recent of Trudeau’s and several of the Prime Ministers before him, but it seems it has not been long for the emergence of Canada as Free-standing government. I may have not said my thought well, or as accurately as I should, sorry

Wikileaks has some interesting comments regarding the Canada-UK governments and changes since 1982.


So a quick and further lesson in cross border shooting

There are two groups of firearms controlled and uncontrolled and with that we have to look to the definition of what is considered a firearm as defined in the Criminal Code (basically anything that fires a projectile is a firearm, if it is faster than 500 FPS / 4.2 ftlbs it is controlled, less than that and it is uncontrolled. BB guns tend to fall in the uncontrolled group and becasue of that do not require the same storage requirements as the controlled.
So now we look at the controlled aspect of firearms - you have three classes Non-restricted (NR), Restricted ® and Prohibited §. NR’s will tend to be pretty well ever long gun / shot gun out there with a barrel length of 18" and a overall length of 26". Any Firearm that is less than those measurements but with a barrel length of 4" or greater are ® restricted plus any gun the government considers scarey. And than we have § prohibited - any firearm with a barrel length of less than 4 inches, and fires fires either 25 or 32 cal ammo and a few more confusion requirements, but includes named firearms (like anything AK with exceptions and about 150 others, again the scarey gun bit), anything that is full auto, was full auto and can be easily converted etc.
This is why we do not have a SBR class because they fall in the restricted class - and there are exceptions even to this definition - the Shock wave JIC or the other shot barreled non restocked shotguns, mares leg rifle etc.
As mention before NR firearms can be fired anywhere it is legal to discharge a firearm. R firearms can only be used at ranges and P firearms only at certain defined ranges ( like a compact pistol is more dangerous than a standard length or needs a different range) and pretty well renders most prohibs to being safe queens.
We suffer with magazine limits 10 for pistol and five for a semi auto long gun, manual actions are at the whim of the manufacturer and anything .22 rimfire are unlimited except one that share commonality with a pistol (ruger 10/22 - and that 22 pistol are limited to 10). We can get around the mag limit issue if the rifle magazine was designed for a pistol - PCCs that use glock mags, AR mags that were designed and marked for pistol (LAR-15 pistol mags limited to 10) and say 40cal mags that fit a 9mm frame. If a shotgun is mag feed and the mag will only fit a “manual” it could be a 30 round drum but if it shares with a semi- auto they are limited to five (this includes tubes for the SA Shotgun).
But above all we can still buy ammo at Walmart…