When you finally realize you need an intervention


So I’m doing spring cleaning and pull everything out to check for winter wear, need oiling, any mildew, etc… and realize my “hobby” has taken a life if its own-LOL.


Great collection!!! I just pulled all of mine out over the weekend and ran oil patch through and wiped them all down LOL it’s a second job!


picture is in the wrong section - you need at least 80% milsurp to be here. :smirk_cat:


Awesome get together!


I don’t see a problem :neutral_face:


Hmm, 24 weapons. Out of those, 1903A3, 1917 Enfield, MK12 clone, Ishy 2A, 2 1911s, clone of my M4 I carried on my last two combat tours, 2 M1 Garands, M1A, M44 Mosin, Chinese SKS, and a Russian receiver AK before the ban.

My bad, I only hit 54%-LOL





guess I need to leave ….only one milsurp in my collection and that’s only because it was my grandfathers shotgun


@painterman Never too late to buy more! There are several inexpensive milsurps like Mosins and Zastavas and even Star BMs and Tokarevs to get! Go get ‘em! :cowboy_hat_face:


I have repeatedly heard the statement that if you know how many you have, then you don’t have too many.

Looks like you don’t need an intervention, yet.


It’s not your fault they breed in the dark gun safe . You are not responsible for their actions! That’s what I tell my wife. An eye roll means she believes it …right?





I’m lucky, my wife loves milsurps! So they can mate away!!!


just not a milsurp guy. I have had a few and they just never seemed to grow on me.


We can help you find the right one(s) that could tickle yer fancy. :smile: We’re good at that sort of stuff here.


I’m lucky
Mine believes I spent no more than $100 on any of 'em.

BTW don’t let her on here. :rofl:


Some of us would say you are just recreational at this stage and have not reached habitual. No intervention is needed at this time.


Those are rookie numbers you need to go full retard.