When you look at something, what do you see?


How have you been conditioned to see things? Is your view of the world conditioned by Hollyweird? Do you look at the world one way and refuse to see it another? Well, this little podcast gives you a little food for thought.


Well, the video is kind of needed.


Good vid, and totally get your point. Thing is, I think most of us in the gun community get it. Kinda preaching to the choir. Gotta get that insightful info out to the rest of the world.
I’d love to find a way to dispense some logic to the general public and anti gunners but don’t really know how. I’ll leave the videos to you. I got a face for radio and a voice for mime.

Let’s see what @Robert does with that line.


Trying to get those clowns to watch anything is next to impossible. Trust me, I’ve tried. Then the few that do watch it dismiss everything, even when I tell them where the info came from. Not much point in going to that point if no one will listen. Today on my twitter page it’s like someone left the gate open to the crazy house.


Yeah. You can’t fix stupid.


+1 …or liberalism. It’s a disease.


Thanks? You kinda let me down. Was expecting something snarky. Unless that was snarky. So confused now (mumble, mumble… sigh)


You can muffle it with duct tape and stamp it out with a 2x4


I spent too much time being silent, far too many of us did. It’s why we are where we are now.


I dont agree , It can be cured with a shovel and lime.


I stand corrected. Lead poisoning can help as well.


Here is one for you:

What is the main difference between a conservative and a liberal?

A conservative gets mad if you don’t tell them the truth.

A liberal gets mad if you do (tell them the truth).