Where do These Gun-Lies Come From?



Study cures ignorance, but it is the comforting lies we cling to that cause us so much trouble. Where did we learn the foolish falsehoods we hear about civilian gun ownership? Here is what makes these lies so attractive…
…and so dangerous.



No No No… I read Feinstein’s bill. The problem is all these assault weapons I’ve been sold.

Nobody told me they were assault weapons when I bought them. If these gun dealers had been morally responsible, instead of only interested in taking my money and putting more murder machines on the streets, they would have told me that they sneak out of the house during the day and murder children and nuns and puppies. And, if I’d been aware of their sentient actions, obviously, I wouldn’t have bought them. The blood is on the hands of the gun dealers with their gun show loopholes and their AR-5000 super machine pistols that fire a million rounds a second with the thing that goes up.

You can’t fool me with your logic and statistics. I’m informed. I watch CNN and Vox and I read on the Facebook.

I, literally, can’t even, right now. Your contrary beliefs to my own constitute microaggressions and hate speech. I need a safe space…


The lies come from demoncraps and their media of propaganda.


I want the heat seekers, so I can roast my deer at the same time.


Pretty sure I just lost IQ points.


Them demagogues, er I mean democrats, aren’t even original.
Tyrants have been using the very same approach since the days of the ancient Greek attempts at popular democracy.
Disarm the citizens intellectually, then physically.
Without the citizenry being able to say NO with authority, the liers win.
Disarmament is necessary to their end.
Of course, history has shown over and over, the useful fools who aid the power hungry psychos are among the first to be disappeared.
What dopes.


Note: Republicans are staring to get nearly as bad folks. It isn’t just the democrats. Both parties are useless hacks only caring about their re-election. I know two democrats who are 2A supporters and one republican that isn’t. I’ve started asking friends and family where they stand now so I can educate accordingly. I suggest you all do the same if you have not.


Piles of shit.
Ones just a bit less foul smelling.


Isn’t that the truth.


I had a conversion with a guy a week ago, he said they need to ban those magazines because they are bad.

I assured him they all work just fine.



LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl: