Where do you get your gun news, reviews, political info, etc?


I’ve been a long-time reader of The Truth About Guns (TTAG), for my gun news, politics, and reviews, but recently I’ve… soured on it.

So, what other sites should I check out? I browse Bearing Arms every now and then, but the articles there seem a little light (and they don’t really do reviews). The Firearm Blog is fun to read, but they don’t do politics (it says so in the title), and I get the feeling that the writers there are just a bunch of regular guys (enthusiasts with no real practical knowledge) with too much disposable income.

Am I missing something? Wrong-headed opinions? What else should I check out?



Facebook is not the place for it. So much fake news from both sides. I sometimes wonder if the same people are writing the news events for both sides, just to cause an even larger rift, and then sit back and enjoy the hatred that comes about.
What bothers me the most, is the patriot pages where articles are continually posted, that is either fake, taken out of context, or misleading. But the followers of the pages eat it up… I have given up trying to point out the obvious .


For Gun reviews- YouTube and Full30
and a few others (IV8888,etc.)

For News- Drudge Report, Right Side Broadcasting Network, Debka File, occasionally Newsmax, Breitbart and Fox News.
Be very careful with this one because of lib media bias and fake news.

For Firearms News- NRA-TV
The NRA has a live streaming internet-TV channel (nratv.com).

The reason I separate News and Gun News is that there is more content to take in than just news pertaining to firearms that is along the same track, and some venues will have similar stories before they reach American media. Debka File is a US-Israeli military news source providing little known intel on happenings in the Middle East and Europe, and with the UN. For firearms news, I check NRA-TV on youtube and get the highlights on new guns and political talk.


Gun news/reviews: TTAG, TFB, MAC, TGC, Reddit, gun company Instagram accounts.

Political news: Reddit to find interesting/important stories, google said stories and read three or five articles on them to filter out the opinions/bias.


TFB, snipershide, manufacturers social media, F30/YT sub channels.