Where does everybody live?


Used to use the one in Sarasota, it was 11.00 per use, which I found out is cheap when I’ve tried to go to some others out of state


South central Missouri at least 8 miles from any town.


Your location is the only one so far @Jtr that I haven’t really been to or have done any kind of work in over the years. I always seemed to have gone around your state for no particular reason.

Anyhow, I’ll have to make it a point next time I have to travel west. :slightly_smiling_face:


Frontier Justice in Kansas City, Kansas was great, it was $25.00 but if no one was waiting you could shoot all day and
Leave and come back same day without paying again. They also had a shop with women’s clothes and purses and stuff in case your wife wants to shop instead of shoot.


In the woods in New Hampshire.


Message me when you do I’ll show you around . I’m sure we can find plenty to do.


Well that is both beautiful and frustrating. I’m in the So Cal desert for the weekend. It’s a nice cool 98*. And narry a tree to be seen.
Someday soon though… someday soon.


Central Virginia


Hermiston, Oregon. Northeastern part of Oregon right on the border of both Idaho and Washington.


Upstate NY. In the foothills of the Appalachians and Adirondacks and a stone’s throw to the Catskills.

On top of a 1,800 ft hill with 20 acres to play on.


Silicon valley here in the PRK.



Hey I would hate to love right next to a major road like that. How do you get any piece and quiet / privacy?

I will say it is a nice looking house though!!


North of Cincinnati south of Dayton.


Maybe he sleeps with his hearing protection on. Lol


Kennesaw, GA




I was just up in Gansevoort. Beautiful up there.


Im over on 301 in Price


Yeah, sometimes we get as many as five cars in ONE Day! That “major road” "T"s at either end between two roads that don’t go anywhere in particular. There are 10 homes on the five mile road. The mailman turns around 180° in front of our house and the “next door” neighbors mail man does the same.


Well that at sounds at least a little better!