Where does everybody live?


We went to Lake Placid this summer and then to the Mineville area to visit family .


Sounds good, I’ll do just that!

I have to share this - In 2016, I had a young man from Missouri come to stay with us for a 4 day Whitetail Deer Hunt. He never hunted deer before so I took him with me and taught him everything I know.

He tragically lost his dad the year before in the line of duty (police officer).

I put him in front of deer everyday, including some real big mature bucks that he just couldn’t capitalize on. Some real funny stories & great memories that the both of us will treasure for life together no doubt.

Anyhow, on his last morning hunt with me, he finally connected & harvested his very first Whitetail Deer ever.

I recorded his entire 4 day hunt on film that he has and can relive for the rest of his days.

I’m very proud to report that the following Christmas, he recieved his first compound bow because he fell in love with mine during the time he hunted with me.

I’m also happy to say that the follow season, he harvested his first real big buck with a rifle in his home state.

I couldn’t be more proud of him. Truly a good young man that I still hear from, typically around this time of year,

Thought you might enjoy hearing about a fellow young Missourian.

I’ll add - the entire hunt was a complete free donation offer on my part and didn’t cost the young man a dime, just his time and physical effort.

Now he has another true friend for life!


This is where I was raised for my first 18 years of my life - Bernhards Bay, NY


Born in Syracuse, N.Y. during the blizzard of 66.

I was almost born in my parents home at the time. Instead my father followed a commercial snow removal truck (not a plow, kinda like a large snowblower) straight to the hospital off of SR11. Once my mother was admitted, I was born within that hour.

Graduated Paul V. Moore HS - Central Square, NY

Family still in the area, in fact they own 250+ acres in the ‘Happy Valley’ region to hunt.


This is the exact reason I work with the NRA foundation as a volunteer . So we can pass the love of shooting sports and hunting to the next generation. We should all follow your example and mentor young people who have no body else to teach them . Well done.


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Everybody hears Oregon and thinks liberal Mecca but over here on the Eastern side its identical to rural Idaho. Good bars, lots of guns and little to no libturds rioting in the streets. Im just going to say I live on the outskirts of Idaho for now on, no more calling it Oregon.


Man… The guns I could buy with your property tax bill…:thinking:


Minnesota, just south of the city’s, but far enough to call home!


The cleanest state I’ve ever driven through. And I’ve driven through your state several times.

If fact, on the 17th, the wife and I will be up there for a couple days for work meetings.


Well if you have spare time P.M. me, if you’re to busy I totally understand. @SAK and I missed each other by a day. I was in his state just an hour away for training. Next time I will plan better.


@switchpod, Oh man that sucks :sob: we could have went

and then gone


Whereabouts in Oregon are you? Maybe you said already, but I missed it. We’re looking at property in either Oregon- two daughters either live there or have property there, or Idaho I’d want property I can shoot on without having to go to the range.


Idaho is where you should go–that’s where my wife and I are going when we leave Texas. Oregon is unfortunately ruined by the tiny part of the state that’s blue. Just like Colorado. And that is a shame on both accounts.


Welcome to full30 & fellow Marylander.


Helena, Montana


No no…i was only stopped there taking my 10 hour break. Im from Alabama.


I’ve been to Talladega a few times. Very, very beautiful out there :+1:


I’ve done a lot work in Cincinnati. A big project in the late 90s off of Dixie HWY. I also try to get down there to a few Red leg games a year as well. I hit the casinos now then too.

My eldest son is in his last year @ The University of Cincinnati. He’ll be graduating there next spring.


Talladega is great until race week lol. Better have all your groceries bought before then.


I have a very well to do Aunt & Uncle that live in or near the Black Mountains of your state.

My uncle has a reputable veterinarian business where he travels around to take care of his clients animals.

When I was a teenage, I went and visited them for a couple of weeks when they lived in Marietta,

From what I understand, where they live now, it’s very isolated, remote, but very, very beautiful. I haven’t visited them in many years.

Both of my younger brothers lived down there too for while. I don’t recall where though. I went down there to help one move up here to Ohio. It was in out in the country somewhere.