Where does everybody live?


Small world, I was born in Syracuse in 68.


1868 or 1968? Kidding lol


Lol, 1968, I don’t think I’d live that long for the other.


:laughing: Same year as my brother. November @ St. Mary’s to be exact…


June@ Crouse-Irving hospital but I don’t remember much about it. Lol


I recomend Idaho over Oregon, I live right in the coner of NE Oregon by Pendleton OR and Walla Wallla Wa. This area is mostly farm land but theres woods within an hour away. The libturds are pushing hard here though. Idaho was 70% for Trump, Oregon was like 41% for Trump if that says anything. Boise is also pretty much the only liberal area in Idaho.


You got that. You can get a bucket of Glocks for $6,000.

On the other hand, I slung my .260, put the front stand and butt bag and 100 rounds of ammo in a 5 gallon pail, taped a couple targets on a cardboard box and carried my folding aluminum camp table out the back door and walked down to my 100 yard shooting lane today.

Then I walked down to the creek and set up some rocks and practiced off-hand at various ranges. Right near where my ground-blind/bench is.

Gotta love that.


I heard people in the ghetto target practice more than rural folks. Theres probably also more “competitive” shooters in Chicago than Texas.


Raise a flock of chickens and a flock of sheep. Gives you all sorts of “practice” drills.

Though we did back out of the Shetland Sheep after 15 years. THE ADMIRAL has more wool than she and the moths can ever use.


I’m surprised its that low, I lived in High Falls and it was 12k a year

Mine in FL is 2k


Mines $1300 on the house shop and 80 acres in Missouri.


Well now I’m jealous.


Ours is really dirt cheap too. I’m too embarrassed to say what we pay for 5 buildings sitting on 13 acres.


stop with the drama…SPILL IT


Im suprised Florida dosnt pay people to live there, that place is like the twilight zone of dixie.



~$7k here. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Just curious if anyone is in the North Georgia, Chattanooga area now that we’ve had all these newcomers!


I love N. GA