Where does everybody live?


The driveway… you can see lookout mountain.


Mount Washington, KY., a little south of Louisville.


Wow, that’s your driveway?!! I’m envious. In the words of Tina Fey, “I want to go to there.”


In a state of depression, anxiety, misanthropy, self-loathing, cynicism, paranoia, and existential horror
in a crypto-totalitarian, globalist, propagandistic, legalistic, panopticon nanny-state corporatocracy
on a mudball crammed with billions of ignorant, greedy, hypocritical, amoral, irrational, violent, vain, diseased, suffering, smelly apes in an infinite, indifferent, cold, black, meaningless, purposeless, absurd universe. Zip code irrelevant. :scream:


Might be you need some sunshine :wink:


That stuff will give you cancer! :skull_and_crossbones:


It’s what I see when I drink my coffee every morning. :slight_smile:


The more important question is, what does the RANGE look like?!


Huh, I think I just drove by your house the other day…


Shouldn’t have, not with that big buck you got, should be singing


Don’t let the devil steal your joy!


No range unfortunately. We had to downsize to be near family and that included the amount of property. I can still shoot at the father in law’s place though.