Where In The World is Zeke?

I’m still here, I have been working. For those who don’t know me as well as some who post here, I have two jobs that more or less consume my life at times during October to the end of May. I manage crews for a power company as my normal job, and I also am a commercial fisherman. October till May I have tend to drop off the planet periodically during that time. This Sturgeon season was pretty light up until the end and it was go time when it finally started to hit.
One of these days I will have a live stream explaining it all and you guys can do a Q&A. Live Streams and regular videos will be returning in the coming days. I already have two going live now. Be looking for my new AIMS 74 build video!


Why not a sturgeon catching/cooking video :upside_down_face:


That might be a good one.


Thought you were holed up in a cave somewhere building AKs for guys who ride camels. Nice to see your back and doing ok though


Lol. You never know with AK guys.