Where were you when 9/11 happened

Ok, so this is a little like where were you when JFK was shot.

But I am interested in where everyone was and was doing when this all went down.

I was just ending a 24 hour day of moving network gear and re-cabling the network when I found out. At first herd the news I initially though a Cessna or something small hit on of the towers. I tuned in on time to see the replay and then the second tower hit. Like the Challenger disaster, those images are ingrained in my mind forever.

Then I started hearing about flight 93 and flight 77.

As tired as I was, there was no way that I was able to get some sleep.

A few years ago I was in northern Virginia for training and had a chance to visit the flight 77 memorial at the pentagon. Pretty moving memorial if you ever get to visit.

What’s everyone else’s experience that day and thereafter?


I was working at an airport.

Things were very… odd, for a while after that, since all aircraft (other than military, police, and EMS) were ordered to be grounded until the government could decide what to do.

Edit: A member of the line crew came into the hangar and told us that a news report on the lobby TV had said a twin engine plane had hit the World Trade Center. General assumption among us was that it was a small (4 to 6 passenger) plane with a private pilot that either had some medical incident such as a heart attack, or had a really bad day.

Later, the lineman came back and said a second plane had hit the World Trade Center, and we realized it had to be far worse than what we had been thinking.


Had worked a night shift the day before so wasn’t till 9 or 10am pacific time when I got up this day. Turned on the tv, morning shows still on which was odd. I remember them being live and showing the events in NYC. Seems like the second plane had not struck and the towers where still standing. Glued to the tv in total disbelief.
Then to find out about the pentagon and the 4th plane that had been forced to crash by the passengers total shock.


I was asleep when it started because I was working swing shift when the wife woke me up and said I needed to turn on the TV. And then she walked out of the room.
So I did and the first tower had been hit already.
I honestly thought (being woke out of a sleep) that it was some Holly-weird special effect they were doing for a movie and she wanted me to see it.
Then I realized this was for real and CNN was saying (like JPN said) something about a small plane hit the tower.
I watched it a few more minutes and saw the second plane fly into the second tower.
Will never forget that day.

I will post up a few more stories about after this all went down later on.


I was at work watching in disbelief :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I was stationed at Ft. Sill at the time.
I remember thinking of the movie. Towering inferno. I was relieved too see the towers intact, then they imploded… the next day we started getting ready for vengeance.


I was working at Sears, (surrounded by TV’s) and the accountant came from the back and yelled “we’re under attack”, I got a stone cold chill instantly


I just wrote an article about what I did today in remembrance.



What I recall was having the TV on while getting ready for work and hearing about a plane hitting the WTC. At first it seemed to be just a terrible accident. Then the second plane hit and reports of other hijacked planes. That’s when it got pretty real. No idea at the time of who was responsible.

Now I’m on the west coast so everything was just a tv image. Until they grounded all the aircraft. We lived close to the approach to John Wayne Airport but really didn’t notice the air traffic until it wasn’t there.
I remember a lot of talk that people were scared to go to Disneyland as that may be a target.

Dark days to be sure.

I think what really impressed me were the reports that started coming in days later about flight 93.
These folks were doomed and they knew it. But they also knew what was going on and refused to let it happen. Regular citizens that gave their lives to save others.


Rather than derail this thread I will start a new one about after 9/11 stories.
That way we don’t retract from this one out of respect.


I was working from home at the time and I watched all unfold on TV just like millions of other Americans at the time.

I’m sure it was planned that way cause it surely didn’t happen during the early rush hour now was it.

There aren’t as many people in front of a TV during those times are they?

I’m thinking someone or someones’ wanted it to be viewed by as many people as possible for a very particular reason.

Shock and awe affect to get whatever agenda/narrative the evil doers had mind for the masses.

I’d say they we’re quite effective and GOD forbid if you’re one of those that doesn’t believe in what the government put out in their ‘9/11 Commission Report’.

My heart goes out still today to all those affected negatively from that event.



I was at Fort Polk in Louisiana. I didn’t have tv at home (still don’t) and went up a small shop to get a part for my tractor and the guy in there had it on his tv . I didn’t realize it was a big story as I stood there, so I wasn’t paying much attention. Later I realized the severity of it.


Heard about it on the radio while driving into work. I was sad, mad, confused, in disbelief and wanting to exact revenge as I listened on the radio.


Sometimes (ok most times) I envy you and your tv situation.


I was listening to Mark & Brian on the radio on the way to work and they were talking about it. We got sent home that day. The next day one of my counterparts in Japan had emailed me, “Elena-san, USA is attacked! Run away and hide! “. Strange days indeed.


I was on a bus going to work. At one of the stops along the way an older man got on and asked another regular on that route if he heard that a plane flew into one of the towers. We talked about it and figured it was a freak accident. Once I got to work they were all watching it on the news when the second one hit them we knew it was intentional.

One of the guys there quit and went and joined the military that day. The next few weeks after I remember people just wanting to beat any Muslim they found. Stuff like that can really bring out the bad in people.


Since I haven’t had tv since the 90’s, I didn’t have to suffer through all those stupid looking reality tv shows. Most I ever watched was Forensic Files. Anything I did like, I bought on DVD, and since my memory is failing, if I span them far enough apart, it’s like watching them for the first time over and over again. So most of what I watch is old, and that’s fine with me.

I just got Netflix a month ago and so that’s nice having. I am currently watching my favorite show, Criminal Minds.
Everything else is online if I choose to look it up, but I still don’t watch the news. It’s all too depressing and agenda driven and is a constant reminder that “The People” have no control. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.


I was visiting my girlfriend who worked at a budget rent a car in Cincinnati airport. Ironically, an agent received a call who was renting a car from them pointed out what happened. He left the place immediately


I was driving to school in Houston when I heard about the first one hitting. By the time I got to school and saw the second one had hit, I knew something else was going on. We still had class but would check progress between classes, when we went. One of my classmates was in the Marines and was ready to re-enlist on the spot. There were a few Muslims in class that were quiet that day as I recall.


I see nothing has changed in that arena…