Which brand for single stage press

In the past I used lanolin, now I use Imperial sizing die wax. No hydraulic dents with it after treating the lube pad (no lube pad, just fingertips).


I couldn’t agree more that the RC is the most solid of the single stages. This inherently also makes it less concentric. You have to actually run the Forster to know what I’m talking about. I think the combination of the two would be best. Which is why I plan on using the both of them for my .338 Lapua Mag


Try the O ring on the shell holder, lets it center up in the die effortlessly. I have seen people test it with a gauge with great results. A much better explanation than I could give;


It’s not a comparison and I know it can get results but the Forster does it more consistently. The o-ring is not near as good as the floating that a Forster allows. I have a Hornady. They have o-rings on their die bushings. They claim this allows play as well and I’m sure it does. But I’m here to tell it sucks on concentricity.

Does anyone in here have a Forster or even used one? I have a feeling the RC is the Most common. I am not talking down on the RC, it has its place. But I’m telling you so does the Forster