Which classic guns should be brought back into production?

I passed on a M76 4 months ago. It was $1700.00 and I had just bought a ultra super VEPR, and a VEPR FM-11 so I had to pass on it.

Super star B. To the best of my knowledge. It was a ohhhh! Gimme moment when I saw it.

Ouch… choices indeed… that particular Vepr is an insanely good gun as well though. You made a tough call either way!

Super vepr and his big brother!





I thought of one more. It would be awesome if they would make the FN 49 again!

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M1 carbine
Sig 551
Colt Python
HK g36



As for the first 2: Look at Fulton Armory. I in fact like FNC/Bofors AK5 and SIG 550-series rifles alot. I like the SCAR, Galil ACE, CZ Bren 805 etc for the same reason. They’re cool guns. As with eny AK type derivative changing the barrel on an ACE is virtually impossible though, which is a major downside.

The G36 isn’t out of production as AFAIK? Just not available for the commercial market. Or am I missing something. By all means do enlighten me if I’m slipping.

+1 for Colt Python. Man that thing was SWEET.


The SL8 reminded me of F.E.A.R.

How about a brand new production Sturmgewehr MP 34 (or 44)?

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The Sturmgewehr left much to be desired… Shoddy quality and full auto wasn’t really an option as it overheated very quickly and wasn’t that reliable.

Anyway, I’m signing off man, I have a terrible headache.

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If it was made today the quality would likely be improved since the labor force would be voluntary this time around. :wink:

Get some rest.

Winchester Model 12 Shotguns, still the slickest, best pointing pump ever made…

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I hope you feel better Brother.

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My Ithaca model 37 might have something to say about that. :wink:

Marlin Camp Carbine, especially in .45

I have no doubt! Today’s metallurgy is just day and night.

Tnx man, I feel better now. I had these meds against hay fever with hideous side effects so I brought ‘em back to the pharmacy stating the constant headache (lasted for 5 days or do) was simply unbearable. Hope I had enough to kill the hay fever though… Anyway, headache’s gone (for now…)

Thanks man, it seems like it, appreciate your concern👍🏻

The Ithaca always wished it was a Model 12…