Which classic guns should be brought back into production?


Thanks man, it seems like it, appreciate your concern👍🏻


The Ithaca always wished it was a Model 12…


Ok so ill pass on 3d printed 357mag,and take one of eveything else! But yeah fal,mosin,enfield
Those are some goodies


Well they are both fantastic so I’ll leave it at that. :slight_smile: If I ever get a model 12 to go with my Ithaca I’ll be thrilled.


1895 Winchester in .405 Win

Parker Hale 1200TX


The Max Payne and F.E.A.R. sequels, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Never cared much for anything else.


Metro 2033 series and The Last of Us are pretty good too.


Never heard of…

I never bothered with CoD very much btw but I liked the very first 3 (1, UO and 2) as well as WaW. The Modern Warfare series were kinda okay-ish I guess. I like the first installment to that series because of the story writing and atmosphere. 2 was also nice. 3 was meh with boring MOUT only, nothing grand scale. I like large sniper maps. Overall I find CoD to be rather childish though. Some installments more than others.

Let’s start a game topic before derailing this thread. LOL


Ok ,sounds good…