Which is your favorite Henry rifle?


This can be one you own, or one you want to own. Also, if you have more than one favorite, please include them all. Of course, you could just say “all Henry’s” because who doesn’t like Henry rifles?



I like Marlin lever action rifles, too.

But, (most of) the Henry’s are so nice looking - like works of art!

I have a Henry that is almost too nice looking to take out and get dirty. May have to buy another one in same caliber that is not quite as attractive. So, one to hunt with, one to put on the wall.

Then, start looking at other calibers from Henry…


All Henrys.
If I didn’t have our Winchesters [.22 to 30-30]
I’d be buying one.
Made in the USA


@JohnB, I’m on the hunt for a Henry in 327 Federal you’re always going to run into those Winchester snobs :wink:


Here is a copy of the Henry I have and love:


I would like to have 1 but I’m at a standstill on which caliber to choose


Not a lever gun fan myself but they make a great raffle gun for a fund raiser.


All of them?

They love their customers and are proudly USA and 2A supporters. So yes, I like them all.



The one I picked was in a caliber (.22 mag) that I was already looking for a gun in. Next, looking at something a bit higher up in power - .357 mag, perhaps.

This rifle cost me (before tax and fees), only $450. The MSRP is a bit higher. I had already budgeted $400 for a .22 mag rifle, so it was a no brainer to buy. It is very solid, but not too heavy. And, the picture does not do it justice - it is way better looking in the hand.


So are they good quality like Winchester or Browning or a novelty rifle?



Good quality? You betcha!

Their design is functionally different from other lever actions, though. Henry does not use loading gates for their lever action rifles. Instead, they have openings in the magazine tubes. You pull the rod out and load the rounds either thru the opening for the bullets (ok, rounds), or thru the end of the magazine tube. Then, when done, insert the rod back into the magazine tube and twist (to lock it into place). Then you are ready to chamber a round.

For pistol caliber lever action rifles - some, such as .44 mag and .357 mag, sometimes have issues with their Special alternatives (.44 special and .38 special, respectively). These smaller bullets (sorry, rounds), sometimes do not feed as well. Also, the rifles are sighted in for the magnum rounds, so the Special rounds will have a different point of impact versus the point of aim.

The fit and finish on the guns - very nice!

(At least…) some of their lever action rifles have weak extraction/ejection. Something to investigate thru internet videos before buying…

They do make different levels of guns (workhorse versus fancy, versus fancy and engraved). So, if you plan on rough housing it, go for the workhorse level. If you want for target shooting and/or showcase gun, then fancy or engraved fancy. The price difference by grade (or level), can sometimes be dramatic.


Regarding Browning rifles - I have had 2: A-Bolt Stalker (love it, no problems); and BLR Takedown (sold it!).

Both of these rifles were/are in .30-06.

The BLR had what I considered a fatal flaw (which is why I sold it). The trigger stayed with the lever. So, when you cycle the lever, the trigger would disengage with the main part of the rifle till you brought it back into place. The part that connected the trigger to the internal trigger assembly felt like cheap plastic. I talked to the guys at the gun store where I bought it about this. They said, well most people don’t fire more than 20 rounds per year, so they won’t wear that part out. I, on the other hand, had hoped to put that many rounds thru it every month, at least (target practice plus hunting). Thus, I got the feeling I would wear that part out - and per Murphy’s law, it would happen when my life depended on it. No thanks! Other than that, the BLR seemed fine and good quality.


Good info, thanks…


Regarding the Winchester:

The only Winchester rifle I have had any exposure to is the 1892 (?) in .44 magnum.

OMG! The action is/was oh so smooth! Did not like the top eject and the price was a bit steep ($1,000+), but very nice overall. If I could get a Winchester rifle with side ejection like Marlin or Henry, and a price a little less (say, $700 to $800 instead of $1,000+), then I would own 1 or more Winchester rifles.

I do own a Winchester pump shotgun. Like it, but it is different from other pump actions. Once you get used to the action, you will be able to cycle the action VERY fast. Does take a bit to get used to it, though.


My .22 Golden Boy. Runs smooth as butta! Beautiful firearm!


Love my Henry 22. I also have a model 94 Winchester but the smoothest lever between the two of them is my Henry.


@Transplanted_Hoosier Welcome!


Thank you.